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When I made my posts back in May about the future of the site, I inherently was still exhibiting the same habits that I even


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TankCoB: A Tenacious Challenge

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCoB) is widely regarded by the playerbase of Final Fantasy XIV to be the most difficult party encounter currently in the game. It’s unmatched fight duration, intricate mechanic puzzles, tight DPS requirements, and extreme endurance test have challenged players to their limits since its release nearly three years ago. For a select few the challenge posted by UCoB simply wasn’t enough to sate their desire. Gathering eight expert players, Rin Karigani of the Aether datacenter organized an unfathomable challenge: Can UCoB be cleared by eight tanks?


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Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault Awareness
& the Future of SaltedXIV...

For a few more weeks this platform still has relevance to hundreds of thousands of players of Final Fantasy XIV. And while I still have this voice, I intend to use it.

In order for this site to continue, more people need to work on it. Mainly writers. If you think you’re up to the task, please fill out this form:

At the same time I want to raise awareness about sexual assault. So you see the other half of this screen showing the link for a raffle that donations a portion of proceeds to RAINN

There are two main takeaways for readers that I want to get into. But, I know not everyone wants to read everything, nor does everyone care. It doesn’t matter to me what you do. But it does matter to me what I do, and so I will take this last opportunity in hopes of being heard. Both posts overlap in many ways, but I tried to split them for length and relevance.

I also want to use this space to thank everyone for the literal thousands of messages of support and encouragement. I know I sounded dismissive of words from strangers, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t impact me. I read every. single. one. And the sheer volume floored me. And I still get them even now nearly 6 months later. So, thank you for not letting me forget this is worth fighting for.