Eden’s Promise Anamorphosis (Savage) | E11S

The Fatebreaker | E11S

Enrage Timer: ~10:57
DPS Check Requirement: ~106,000+ (125,000 full uptime)
Average item level 510 or above

Okay but where are his shoes? No seriously why is he barefoot? Mitron wants to pit our memories against us or something to prove a point. Except it’s Ryne’s memory being used, and we’re the ones doing the fighting soooo I’m not really sure how this was supposed to be effective?

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Usual PUG strats – By Maca Ruu'su @ Ragnarok

Common Strategies

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Shifting Sky

You're indoors the whole time so I don't really get the whole "sky" thing.

Shifting Sky

Lyra Rose

Burnt Strikes for Shifting/Sundered Sky


Sundered Sky

Watch around the arena for the untethered Thancreds! That's how to know where you bait.

Sundered Sky

Lyra Rose

Sundered Sky Braindead Strat

Robin Dabanc

Sundered Sky Pocket Guide | E11S Anamorphosis Savage (Diagram + In-game)


Turn of the Heavens + Elemental Break

The one with the red and blue rings everywhere and you stand in the tiny safe spots.

Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime | E11S Anamorphosis Savage (Diagram + In-game)


Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime

Emilia Cioneuil

Prismatic Deception

Stop fidgeting!

Prismatic Deception

Lyra Rose

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