Reaper Guide

by TBD

Reaper guide coming soon! Stay tuned and enjoy the launch of Endwalker! 


Level 90 Gear Guide

Meld Priority

Crit > DH > Det > SkS

6.0 Best in Slot (BiS)

Coming Soon!

2.5 GCD

Smoked Chicken

2.46 GCD

Smoked Chicken

Opener & Rotation

The expac just launched! This page will get filled out soon, stay tuned.

Dragoon Controller Guide

by Eve Malqir on Balmung

People very frequently ask how to set up hotbars to play Dragoon more effectively on controller. This guide is designed to help illustrate for new players how best to set up their buttons to not be hindered by using a controller.

FAQs and Resource

Jumping to the right conclusions

Log Analysis

xivanalysis is a fantastic site for an overview of your endgame encounter performance.