Intro to Astrologian Guide


Now we’re pretty and we have MP. The guide is intended both for people who are relatively new to the job and people who are uncertain if they’re on the right track with what the job does, what it’s supposed to do, and how it’s supposed to do it.

Astrologian Opener

Cards are complicated

The Astrologian opener can seem overwhelming. Due to the random nature of cards and incalculable number of variables that affect cardplay in the opener, we provide a framework rather than a cut and dry opener. This page provides an introductory option and fully optimized opener flowchart 


Updated for 6.05

Meld Priority

Make sure to grab piety to comfort first!

Crit > DH or Det > SpS

6.05 Best in Slot (BiS)

Basics & FAQ

Frequently asked questions and basic Astrologian topics

{!Diurnal Sect; icon;} What Sect should I use? {!Nocturnal Sect; icon}

Diurnal remains generally very efficient, but buffs to Celestial Opposition and Celestial Intersection reduce the reliance on GCD healing (which is where Nocturnal Sect primarily falls short of Diurnal), and Nocturnal Intersection is very strong. The gap in overall efficiency between Diurnal and Nocturnal Sect is still quite significant, but that shouldn’t put you off of using Nocturnal Sect when the situation calls for it.

Prog with a WHM cohealer is a situation that calls for it. Numerical efficiency is lovely and all, but the safety and margin for error provided by having access to on-demand shielding in prog cannot be overstated. Living through more things more often means seeing more of the fight more often, which means learning the fight faster. That’s worth far and away more than a few GCDs you might theoretically save by going Diurnal if the shields aren’t completely necessary, so please, in the name of Yoshi-p, just go Noct if you’re progging with a WHM.

Log Analysis

xivanalysis is a fantastic site for an overview of your endgame encounter performance.

Gearing FAQs

Can I run the max Damage set?

Despite the fact this set really shuns the existence of Piety, our MP economy is so good I would expect many people should easily be able to make do with this, even in PF. I would recommend building towards this if you are comfortable with AST.

Why do we meld [insert stat here]?

The stated meld priority is the “safe” priority system for melding outside of BiS setups, when your gear is still in the process of changing regularly and you don’t have the stability to plan around exact stat tier optimization. The general priority is still loosely followed, but BiS melds will almost always deviate to minimize stat waste and/or hit specific GCD tiers for alignment purposes.

Is 7 GCD Lightspeed dead as of 5.3?

For all intents and purposes, yes. The tech technically still exists, but LS is no longer an off-cooldown button, and most sets are probably going fast enough to fit in 7 GCDs as of 5.4 anyway.

These SpS sets go really fast?

These sets are danger bongo 9000. The spreadsheet suggests they are theoretically viable, but due to limitations to theory alone and to the spreadsheet’s ability to perfectly replicate mana trajectory curves, we decided to practice them a little bit. Results were…scary. We are not sure the two unlisted sets in the spreadsheet are viable at all (hence the names), but the i505 one might be plausible. And if it is, this set would actually be the highest damage set. But the MP economy looks really rough and we’re not sure it can be done. Someone’ll have to be brave and try those SpS melds. Hilariously, if it ends up practical, then the Raid weapon will ultimately win when all’s said and done.

It should also be duly noted that these sets are not only dangerous MP-wise, but also very dangerous execution-wise. They have a high execution requirement. More SpS means more casts, yes, but if you drop casts then you’re quickly losing value. Of course, if you would have dropped the cast anyway regardless of your SpS, then the value loss is diminished (but not cut out altogether).

If you have an AST-only character and are raiding at a high level, it’s not a bad idea to try this one day and see the results.


Let me disclaimer and say right away with clarity…


Does not matter what it is. If it’s Star, if it’s cards, if it’s Malefic (heavens no), macros should never be desired. If using any, the goal should ALWAYS be to work out of needing them. Yes, this includes you controller players. I play on it without any macros, you can too.

There is one set of macro types I will excuse under the condition that using them, the player understands:
1) It is objectively unoptimal and is costing them DPS and performance
2) They are training wheels that should be worked out of ideally
3) They will likely cause hiccups with queueing at times and discombobulate you


You can set up a hotbar next to the party list with a bunch of macros that let you Play a card on a target. This is actually a decent visual learning tool.

How to set up KB+M macros by Bok


This quick document by Aly/Erdene helps illustrate a creative way of getting some macros for controller players by quickly changing your hotbar, letting you press your button, and then changing the hotbar back. I believe it works pretty okay. I am dubious of whether getting used to this is worth your time as opposed to just getting used to soft targetting with the D-Pad, but I’m not going to make any unfair presumptions or block off content because of my skepticism.

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