Warrior Guide

by Mox Xinmagar

A comprehensive guide on Warrior’s gameplay, current info, and theory. Learn how to Fell Cleave, how to be an angry wannabe healer, and everything you could possible want to know about the Warrior job in Final Fantasy XIV. 

Getting Started & Leveling

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Level 80 Gear Guide

Meld Priority

Crit > Comfy SkS > Det > Ten

5.55 Best in Slot (BiS)

(Tentative pending further testing)

Smoked Chicken

2.43 GCD

Opener (Patch 5.5+)

Standard opener. Check the full guide for variations and theory!

If you don’t Tomahawk (ie. facepull), move Infuriate forward a GCD.

It’s preferable to pull with Heavy Swing + Provoke, but in some fights with far aggro range – like E5s and E6s – it is better to Tomahawk in to gain a GCD.

Nascent Flash is there for two reasons:

  1. It teaches people to use Inner Release in the 2nd oGCD slot, instead of pushing it asap
  2. It lines up with Upheaval, teaching people to use it like so

You can leave Nascent Flash out, or use it later to cover fight damage.

Does Gauge give Crit anymore?

Nope. This doesn’t mean that you should use Fell Cleave whenever you have 50g.
Your aim is to ALWAYS have at least 20g for Upheaval, or +70g for FC+Upheaval.


Yeah that FC isn’t escaping your gauge unless you can’t use it due to FIGHT ENDING.
Try to hit those FCs inside party buffs and before the fight ends.

What about Onslaught?

Don’t use it, except for inside Inner Release, once after the opener IR and to avoid losing GCDs due to mechanics.

Mitigation Cheatsheet

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Melding & Gear

Standard opener. Check the full guide for variations and theory!

Meld Priority

Crit > Comfy SkS > Det > Ten

What is Comfy SkS?

  • 1523 for 2.38 GCD – Highest dps
  • 1624 for 2.37 GCD – Some breathing room for mechs and clipping, ~40 dps loss
  • 1726 for 2.36 GCD – “Greeding Mechanics” levels of comfy, ~80 dps loss
  • 1827 for 2.35 GCD – “I love breathing room” levels of comfy, ~120dps loss


Some fights require extra skill speed to hit that last skill before a mechanic. One example would be E3s where you can hit Path (80 gauge) right before the first downtime.

Why these Skillspeeds?

Warriors want to divide the Inner Release’s cooldown (90s) as evenly as possible.
90 / 2.38 = 37.82
90 / 2.37 = 37.97

That makes 38 GCDs between each Inner Release cast. This way, Inner Release comes up right after we finish our 38th GCD and we can re-enter the Fell Cleave spam phase.

Going above or below from 2.38 GCD changes the timings so that we either wait for Inner Release to be back up or we delay it because we’re still in the middle of our GCD.

Fight Specific Tips

BiS for Ultimates

Because of how the level sync for these fights operate, there's various options per fight


Updated sets can be found Here

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