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Asphodelos: The Third Circle | P3S

The Phoinix | P3S

Enrage Timer: ~10:57
DPS Check Requirement: ~106,000+ (125,000 full uptime)
Average item level 580 or above

Some guy is running right towards you and he seems upset. So what does the Warrior of Light do? Beat them up. I’m sure that’s what he needs right now. Maybe we should’ve tried a stoic nod first.

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The Phoinix Encounter Guide (P3S)

Welcome to the SaltedXIV encounter guide for the third floor of the savage tier, Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage). This raid requires an average item level of 580 to enter.

Fight Resources

Partyfinder Macros

4 macros : Basics // Elmo / Tuufless // Spreads

Common Strategies

Trying to track down that one strategy you saw that one time? Look no further!

General Strategy Resources

After the tier is cleared I'll organize these better!

Add Phase Pocket Guide | P3S Pandæmonium Savage


Add Tethers Quick & EZ – The Daycare

Long-strong Silver [Omega]

Experimental Gloryplume (Spread) – Melee Uptime

Seirin Hironaya@Mateus

Fires of Asphodelos – EZ Uptime baits & tethers [The Daycare]

Long-strong Silver [Omega]

Firestorms of Asphodelos


Firestorms of Asphodelos (ELMO-ish) Visual Guide


Firestorms of Asphodelos (ILYA-ish) Visual Guide


Firestorms of Asphodelos | P3S Pandæmonium Savage


Firestorms of Asphodelos Toolbox

Crippling Depression

Firestorms Toolbox

cactbot user

Fountain of Fire Toolbox

Turn of the Heavens + Elemental Break

The one with the red and blue rings everywhere and you stand in the tiny safe spots.

Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime | E11S Anamorphosis Savage (Diagram + In-game)


Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime

Emilia Cioneuil

Prismatic Deception

Stop fidgeting!

Prismatic Deception

Lyra Rose

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