Opener Visual Guide

Your grab and go overview to Scholar's main opener

A quick sheet that provide a general overview the Scholar opener.
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Level 80 Gear Guide

Meld Priority

Piety (until comfortable)
1015 SpS (2.43 GCD)
Crit > DH or Det > SpS

PF Friendly!

1209 Piety | 2.39 GCD

PF Friendly?

1066 Piety | 2.32 GCD

Relicless Lo Pi

682 Piety | 2.33 GCD

Lo Pi

340 Piety | 2.32 GCD !!! Only use in coordinated environments

Tools & Resources

Video Guide for Playing in Dungeons

Log Analysis

xivanalysis is a fantastic site for an overview of your endgame encounter performance.

Rotation Planning Sim

Use this google spreadsheet to plan out rotations:

The Balance

An FFXIV community hub focused on teaching, learning, theorycrafting, and optimizing XIV jobs and encounters. 

Content on this page is provided in large part by the mentors and theorycrafters of the balance!


4th GCD Chain Standard Opener

Used in most encounters, this opener provides optimal Chain Stratagem alignment with your raid team.

3rd GCD Chain Opener

3rd GCD Chain Stratagem is situational; it’s fight and party composition dependent if you should use this over the 4th GCD opener.

No Dissipation Opener

For situations where you can’t dissipate in an encounter, when you aren’t comfortable doing so, and especially for progression, use this no dissipation opener.

Opener Video Overview

Momo Sama’s video guide on Scholar openers.

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