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Keybinding Guide: Mouse & Keyboard

FFXIV Logistics & Efficiency Training Series
– Jaba
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The purpose of this guide is to help you understand some helpful concepts on how to make efficient and comfortable keybinds with a traditional mouse+keyboard setup in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). New and veteran players alike can find useful tips inside.

The principles inside are good ideas to follow in order to systematically create a setup that makes sense. That being said, keybinds are also largely personal preference and subjective to each individual player. So your goal should not be to copy anybody else’s setup, but rather to understand the fundamental concepts about how to make good keybinds. Then you can experiment on your own to find out what works the best for you.

Basics of Keybinding

What is keybinding?

Keybinding is the act of assigning skills, items, marcos, menus, etc. to various input methods. The most common of these are keyboard keys, MMO mouse buttons and controller buttons.  We’ll be focusing on assigning combat skills of the Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic jobs to a traditional mouse and keyboard setup. A guide for controller players is coming soon and the link is [here](WIP)!
A keybound skill looks like . In this example the Astrologian skill Malefic IV is bound to the keyboard key [R], so every time you press [R] you execute Malefic IV.

Why Keybind?

FFXIV has a lot of skills for combat. While it’s possible to click on their icons on the hotbar, it’s simply easier, faster, and more comfortable to assign them to keyboard keys or mouse buttons that are readily accessible.

Coming up with a good keybinding scheme before you invest many hours in playing, will improve your performance level in game, as well as your physical comfort level in the long run.

How to Keybind?

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First make a few hotbars visible by going to System [ESC] -> Character Configuration -> Hotbar Settings -> Display. Most players start with three or four for combat jobs, but can always add more later for any reason.

Then drag skills from your action menu onto the desired hotbars. These are found in: Character(drop down menu) -> Actions and Traits -> Actions. The default key for the action menu is [P]

Lastly assign the corresponding spots on the hotbars to keyboard keys or mouse buttons by going to System(ESC key) -> Keybind -> Hotbar. Make note of your hotbar number so that your keybinds correspond correctly!

Valid Keys for Keybinding

Almost all keys on the keyboard are valid keys to be used as inputs for skills on the hotbar, with some exceptions such as [Caps Lock] and [Windows]. All letter keys such as [T] and [Z], number keys such as [3] and [5], and function keys such as [F1] and [F5] are valid candidates. Those are among the most commonly used.

In addition, there are also modifier keys that can be used in combination with the aforementioned standalone keys. Those modifier keys are [Shift], [Ctrl], and [Alt]. They are the only way to use a combination of two keys to execute a single keybind input. They’re created and executed by pressing the modifier key first and then the standalone key (or simultaneously). For example, [Shift+R] and [Ctrl+3].

Various special mice also have buttons that can be used as keybinds. Some of them are standalone mouse buttons you can directly bind to a spot on the hotbar. Some of them re-map to other inputs, such as the number keys on your keyboard. In this case, pressing a mouse button would be the equivalent of pressing the keyboard key it’s mapped to. Consult the instruction manual of your mouse to find out how to reprogram its mapping.

Guiding Principles of Good Keybinds

While there is no “perfect” or “correct” way to make a setup, it’s still extremely beneficial to learn some good keybinding habits and understand why they might be beneficial to you. Here are some ideas you may want to keep in mind.

List of Tips and Tricks

Examples of Keybind Setups

The following are some of my personal keybinds for various jobs. Most of it is using as many of the above guiding principles as possible. But some of it is also just arbitrary personal preference and muscle memory. The first row includes the standalone keys, the second row is using the [Shift] modifier and the third row is using the [Ctrl] modifier.

You might want to make some connections and see how the examples relate to the above concepts. The important takeaway here is not to copy what I do, but understand why so you can more easily apply good habits to a setup that works best for you.


Hopefully after reading this guide, you’ll have a better idea about how to make your own dream keybind setup that will serve you well in all the upcoming hours of playing Final Fantasy XIV.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with various setups and remember you can always change them at any time. Sitting down for an hour or two to really think about and test out keybinds can be well worth the time in the long run. It’s also an on-going process of self discovering. Sometimes you won’t even know what feels the best until you have tried it!

GLHF fellow adventurers!

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