[WIP] DRAFT P4S | Hesperos Part I *Live Updates*

Draft guide for the first floor Pandæmonium Savage
SaltedXIV et al.
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This page is a work in progress!
We're working hard to provide complete guides for all the savage fights, but it didn't feel right to keep the notes to ourselves in the meantime. Take the information here with a ... grain of salt 😉 that it may be inaccurate and is subject to change! Some parts are not yet completed. Want to help? Join the SaltedXIV discord!
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Welcome to the SaltedXIV encounter guide for the first half of Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage). This raid is split into two parts, upon completion of the first half and viewing the transition, subsequent wipes will not require the party to clear this boss again until they leave their instance. This raid requires an average item level of 580. The approximate minimum required partywide DPS to maintain is about 4,800 in order to successfully clear. 

Before you begin, set up your party with clock spots (cardinals and intercardinals around the boss), light parties (4 person parties of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps), and different clock spots that will be used for the role orb mechanic.


Phase 1








Director’s Belone


Inversive Chlamys




Elegant Evisceration


Setting the Scene

Phase 2




Element 1


Element 2


[Cardinal] Shift


Element 3


Cardinal Cleave/Knockback


Element 4


Elegant Evisceration




Setting the Scene


Vengeful Belone


Elemental Belone




Belone Bursts


Orbs Tether

Phase 3
3:46 Periaktol
3:59 Bloodrake
4:06 Belone Coils
4:13 Inversive Chlamys
4:23 Aetheric Chlamys
4:32 Bloodrake
4:40 Belone Coils
4:53 Director’s Belone
5:06 Inversive Chlamys
5:18 Decollation
5:27 Elegant Evisceration
5:47 Setting the Scene
Phase 4




Element 1


Element 2


[Cardinal] Shift


Element 3


Cardinal Cleave/Knockback


Element 4








Mechanic Overview

High-damage attack on either half the party (DDDD, TTHH) or the whole party. The players marked for this hit is a visual tell for certain mechanics. 

High raid-wide damage.

Inflicts 4 party members at random with Role Call debuff that can/needs to be passed to the right role (either T/H or DPS) based on a previous bloodrake (not necessarily the most recent one). Once passed, the person that gave it away is inflicted with Miscast that prevents you from taking another Role Call debuff. 

Spawns 4 tethers at random. These need to be picked up by the correct role based on a previous bloodrake (not necessarily the most recent one). Once the cast time resolves, tethered players are hit with a medium-sized AoE dealing high damage – this damage is lethal if taken by the wrong role.

A two-part tankbuster that must either be tank-swapped or invulned. The first hit applies a debuff making the second hit taken deal leathal damage unless invulned.

Indicates the arena will change. Hesperos spreads his cape over the four quadrants of the arena, spawning 4 elemental tiles (water, fire, poison, thunder) with dangerous circles in the middle that should be avoided.

Cast that begins the four tile element phase. One tile from either thunder or water will light up, indicating the first mechanic. Then a second tile from either fire or poison will light up, indicating the second mechanic.

  • Lightning: proximity damage
  • Water: large knockback (Arm's Length and Surecast do work)
  • Fire: Two four-person shared stack hits
  • Poison: Splash AoE on all players (spread out).

Indicates that the boss will teleport to the named cardinal, and cast either a large conal cleave (sword glows) or a raidwide knockback (cape glows). Surecast and Arm's Length do work.

Inflicts “Acting [Role]” on all players, T/H will always receive “Acting DPS”, DPS will be randomly paired with “Acting Healer” and “Acting Tank” on two DPS each, respectively.

Inflicts an elemental debuff that causes the three previously tethered floor tiles to do lethal damage at the end of the mechanic.

Summons 8 orbs (4 on a cardinal, 4 on an intercardinal) that tether to the closest player. Once tethered, the orb will become a “Not [Role]” orb based on the existing role currently tethered. These orbs must be absorbed in pairs, based on the ACTING [ROLE] debuff.

All four tiles explode, with the three previously tethered tiles dealing lethal damage. The untethered “safe” tile will deal high party damage. The arena floor will then revert back to normal.

Summons four towers that must be soaked by players that meet the criteria displayed within. Either “Not Tank/Healer” or “Not DPS”.

Fight Strategy

These are really rough and quick notes but will get you through the fight until they’re cleaned up! The party will need default clock spots, light party stacks, and role orb clock spots as described below. 

Belone & Chlamys

The first Bloodrake targeting you means you’re weak to the tether, so opposite grabs. It always goes on either the TTHH group or the DDDD group. 

Second Bloodrake means you’re weak to the poison, opposite group needs to grab the poison. This mechanic can vary requiring you to pick up all of the things, or none of the things, or one of each.


People who do NOT want poison group dead center under boss, pass it to the four here by wiggling, it’s okay for you to pick it up. When the poison is passed you cannot pick it up again. People who NEED poison move to middle to grab it (one at a time so you don’t give it to someone else).

People who DON’T need tethers stack north or south (TTHH North, or DPS south). Group that NEEDS tethers swing around clockwise to make sure everyone picks up a tether, then spread.

Here’s a toolbox link

Setting the Scene

Mind the capes!
Either water or lightning will light up
Then poison or fire will light up
(it is always this pairing)
Water = knockback
Lightning = gtfo
Poison = spread out
Fire = light party (4 person) stacks

Make sure to get knocked with your light party if it’s water + fire

After the water or lightning goes off, make sure you’re NOT on either tile that just lit up.

Then he does an E/W/N/S thing and a sword or cape thing (it glows) that determines whether it’s an arena cleave [it’s a knockback, can be KB immuned] (cape) or a large conal aoe (sword) requiring parties to be at the sides close to the wall he is at. Go to the cardinal he’s at and let the cleave go off. Then resolve the elements accordingly, making sure not to stand on an active tile.

Also two elements are lighting up during this, and you have to do the things respective to that mechanic (knockback / stack / spread / gtfo)

Also holy shit is there a lot of AOE damage happening.

He’ll then do a bloodrake that’s just aoe damage on everyone, but it will also attach to three of the 4 elements. Make note of which one is clear.
Elements change position (Setting the scene cast)

Role Orbs

After the cape is the orb phase
Have the party spread around the boss with tanks and healers on the same side

	D		 T
D				H
	D		H

Each party member will be marked with a debuff. Tanks and healers get a DPS debuff, DPS get EITHER a healer or tank debuff. DPS should adjust so that they are facing opposite of the roles matching their debuff. Party needs to stay spread around the boss. 8 orbs will appear and tether to the closest person to them. Each orb needs to be soaked by two players not of the role above the orb. Players should move through the boss, adjusting to the cardinal line their role buddy is on (i.e. if tanks are N and NE, DPS should move to take the N orb). Move through and take an orb together. Then rotate clockwise and soak the next orb together.
Then move to the safe tile that was clear from the bloodrake earlier.

Here’s a toolbox link

Towers phase:

Four towers will appear indicating either that tanks and healers shouldn’t be in them, or that DPS should not. Have the appropriate role stand in these towers. The remaining for players will pick up tethers and spread. Remember which role stood in the towers here.
Second set of towers appears, can be either T/H towers or DPS towers. Have towers soaked accordingly and remember which role it was.

  • The role that did NOT soak the first towers will need to grab the tethers off of players.
  • The role that did NOT soak the second set of towers will need to grab the poison debuff.

Complete these passes using the same strategy as the first.

Then he sets the scene again, with the four elements tile. Repeats from the first exactly, with both rounds.

Then more aoes and enrage. The multiple raidwide hits and few tankbusters aren’t listed in this strategy section (yet) but are denoted in the timeline above.

  • Levi strategy rambling and general write-up, my brain hurts
  • Ky, timeline and small edits, and mechanic overview

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