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Abyssos: The Sixth Circle | P6S

Hegemone | P6S

Enrage Timer: ~10:40
DPS Check Requirement: ~54,000+
Average item level 600 or above

Well doesn’t she look smug? I’d hedge my money on her hiding something. Now, have you ever asked yourself, how quick are you with bomber-man puzzles? No? Time to learn buckaroo, these ones SWAP. Now clap your hands and point your wing or snake. And if you don’t, watch your party members dance hilariously, and then pretend like you definitely didn’t just hit them on purpose.

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Ilya timers cachexia


Common Strategies

Trying to track down that one strategy you saw that one time? Look no further!

General Strategy Resources

Aetherical Exchange Cheat Sheet

Cachexia Spots

Cachexia Timer Strat – P6S Mini-guide

Hector Hectorson

Imi Cachexia

Imi Wakannai

Uptime Agonies

Turn of the Heavens + Elemental Break

The one with the red and blue rings everywhere and you stand in the tiny safe spots.

Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime | E11S Anamorphosis Savage (Diagram + In-game)


Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime

Emilia Cioneuil

Prismatic Deception

Stop fidgeting!

Prismatic Deception

Lyra Rose

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