Monk Guide


Fundamentals of monk Gameplay.

Monk Optimization Notes

by Creme

Creme’s write-up on tools and optimization for players familiar with Monk already, with opener videos and more in-depth analysis. Slightly outdated (Helpful Tools section particularly).


Updated for 6.05

Meld Priority

SkS 1.94 > Crit > Det > DH

6.05 Best in Slot (BiS)


In-depth Monk Opener Overview

Read this exciting google doc from Aya Liz:

Basic Openers

Two variations currently

Normal Opener

Early Buffing

Bitesize Video Guide

Provided by Valith

FAQs and Resources

Punching through some basics

Yup, go back to 1:1 Twin Snakes and True Strike.

With Standard you Dragon Kick after Perfect Balance for DK’s higher potency and again later to gain Leaden finally.
With Early Buff a stanceless {!Leaden Boot} after PB is worse on average than using the DK to guarantee a crit one.

Similar to opener, you may not have leaden fist while going into it though.

Log Analysis

xivanalysis is a fantastic site for an overview of your endgame encounter performance.

Tiers for Greased Lightning IV

GCD1 is GL4 Recast time

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