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SaltedXIV wouldn’t exist with the many amazing content creators of our community continually making fantastic creations worth sharing. Working on SaltedXIV has become a full time job, on top of my full time job, to make a platform where not only can this content be showcased, but creators can come together and actively create and maintain their content on this platform. There’s a variety of ways you can support the project!

Share the Site!

Nothing would make me happier than seeing the site get used and players benefiting from it. That’s what I’m doing this for after all. Spread the word and I’ll love you forever! Okay maybe just for a short while, but it’s still appreciated.

Create Content!

SaltedXIV only exists because of the content of others. If you’re interested in supporting the project, what better way to do so than to contribute directly to it? If you have something you’d like linked to here, or even hosted, use the form here to reach out!

Contribute to Costs

Currently, all costs associated with the site have come directly from my own pocket, and my free time spent on this site prevents me from picking up any additional paid jobs.

Current Yearly Costs Associated with SaltedXIV
About $1200 a year

The site and project are constantly growing and improving; all expenses are logged on Open Collective. As of the time of writing my annual cost is $1198.08. “Budget” on OpenCollective is a bit of a misnomer, as it doesn’t reflect the total costs needed for the year, but rather the total expenses covered so far. The total cost can be calculated if you add this budget value to expenses with the “approved” status on them. Those are the ones without funds to cover that I’ve paid for out of my own pocket.

I’m always looking for ways to improve so depending on affordability these costs may increase! Some example costs are listed below.

Primary Expenses
This list isn't comprehensive of all costs. Check Open Collective for an up to date list.
PurchasePurposeAnnual Price
Site hosting and domain registrationUpgraded hosting for better performance, cache, and includes a staging instance.$240.00
Premium Page Builder WordPress PluginPage builder lets content creators have a large amount of control over the presentation of their content hosted on this site.$49.00
RSS Feed PluginUsed to aid in the addition of YouTube videos in respective parts of the site. It’s not fully automatic, but takes out a lot of the manual lead time!$59.00
Adobe Creative CloudApp suite used in various ways to support the site including visual designs and fonts.$359.88
Cloudflare Pro PlanOffers significant improvement to site caching, loading, and uptime.$240.00

Salt Lovers Supporting on Patreon

Interested in featuring your content?

SaltedXIV only thrives with community created content from players around the globe. Do you have something you’d like listed on this site?

Content goes through a Peer Review Process to ensure it’s providing a net benefit to the community without spreading misinformation. Before submitting please take a look at the process.

Questions? Contact   Alevia#1270 or join the SaltedXIV discord.

Site Feedback

Noticed something broken? Noticed something great? Have comments you want to share? Fill out the form below to share your thoughts on the site.