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Submit strategies, macros, and general resources using this form. Submissions will be reviewed ASAP and approved or rejected. Only one iteration of a resource will be posted (i.e. if there are two entries for the same strategy, one will be rejected). Please do not provide strategies their creator does not wish shared.

If you’d like to provide a full fight text or video guide, please contact us on discord.

If there’s a strategy you created that you’d like removed, please use the SHARE FEEDBACK form in the footer of the website, or contact us on discord.

Select which fight(s) and mechanics this resource should be associated with. If you do not see a mechanic here you think this should be classified as, please make a note in the field below!

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Paste the YouTube URL here. Yes again. This field is for some behind-the-scenes stuff and this was the easy way for me to implement it!

Upload the image of the resource or a screenshot of the resource being provided if available. The general resource type should not be used for fight strategies.
Examples of a general resource:

  • Visual Timelines
  • Planning Spreadsheets
  • Screenshots of the Encounter's Map

Provide the url where a user can find this resource (e.g. imgur album, google doc link etc.).

Upload a screenshot of the macro so players know how it will appear in the game. (Useful since pastebin won't show the special characters until pasted in game!)

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