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Bard Guide


This guide will cover concepts of Bard gameplay, from fundamentals to  optimization, as well as serving as a pocket reference for all aspects of Bard.


Updated for 6.05

Meld Priority

Crit > Det >= DH > SkS

6.05 Best in Slot (BiS)

Opener & Priority Sheet

by Elya Kura

FFLogs Self-Review Checklist

by Cetonis

A standard list of things to check for when looking over logs. Note that this isn’t exhaustive, and specific fights may call for unique gameplans.

Fight-Specific Bard Notes

An overview of fight-specific tips for Eden’s Verse (Savage) and The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate).

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the edge off of learning the job

It’s 600 potency at max gauge. Use it at 100 gauge.

Shadowbite potency only depends on the DoTs on the main target.

If you use another song during AP, or within 30s after AP ends, you get a lingering speed buff (Muse).

No changes. Don’t extend AP in general. Read the guide for more details.

No. Bard functions at any reasonable skill speed, but there’s almost never a good reason to meld it because it’s the weakest of the four substats on average.

HQ Smoked Chicken

HUD Layout Examples

Log Analysis

xivanalysis is a fantastic site for an overview of your endgame encounter performance.

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