Eden’s Promise Umbra (Savage) | E9S

Cloud of Darkness | E9S

Enrage Timer: ~10:57
DPS Check Requirement: ~97,000 (98,000 with adds)
Average item level 500 or above

She is neither a cloud, and honestly she’s rather pale so I’m not really sure how she’s getting this name. Somehow, our conjured memory also decided to give her a pedicure. But it was Gaia’s idea to restore the darkness, so here we are. Sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks, maybe. 

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Fight Resources

Partyfinder Macros

by Gareth Firmstrider • E/W Meteors • Rin Anti-air


Quick Overview Resources

Nifty resource that covers multiple parts of the fight!

E9S Brambles and Anti-Air – Rin Strat

Rin Karigani & Valith

E9s Bramble + Anti Air (Rin Strat)


Visual Full Guide for E9S

Kingtarutaru (Reddit)

Nub Strat Brambles + Anti-Air/Wide-Angle


Common Strategies

Trying to track down that one strategy you saw that one time? Look no further!

Evil Seed

Brambles be planting something nasty underfoot!
There's a LOT of variations, hit the view more button to, well, view more...

Caster and Melee Uptime Evil Seed

The Knotty Trents

E9S visual guide to evil seeds

HellsIce (macro creator)

Baby Uptime


Evil Seed + Particle Concentration

These specifically include instructions for towers!

Baby Uptime


E9S Brambles Waymark Focused Solution


Anti-Air & Wide-Angle Phaser

She looks like those sticky hand things you get from gumball machines.

Anti Air Tank Uptime

Maki Yato on Cerberus

Eulogy Uptime Anti-Air Toolbox

(Original Strat by Eulogy) Showcased by Xeno and Barboron

Eulogy Uptime Anti-Air Phaser PoV

Eulogy/Hinoka Shirasagi

Empty Plane

Be nice and make the ranged move, will you?

Empty Plane (Tiles) Diagram | E9S Umbra Savage


E9S Tiles Phase Movements

Diego Tosscobble - Louisoix

E9s Empty Plane Collpase Strat

Daikyi (Katori Mizuno)

E9S Emptiness SMH strat (save more healers)

Daikyi (Katori Mizuno)

Summon + Art of Darkness (Room Cleave)

It's not as hard as you think!

E9s Summons Braindead Tech

らっくん / FF14解説

E9s Clone Safe Spot

Uraura Ura

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