Eden’s Promise Litany (Savage) | E10S

The Shadowkeeper | E10S

Enrage Timer: ~10:57
DPS Check Requirement: ~111,500+
Average item level 505 or above

Who’s a good doggo?! Honestly, not really the Shadowkeeper, but you can pet them anyways. Also remember when you were a kid and used to play with your shadow? This is like that, but with more death. Honestly if cute doggos is how Mitron wants to buy Gaia’s love, it’s not a bad strategy. Bonus points if naked Elezen show up. 

Full Fight Guides

Fight Resources

Partyfinder Macros

G1 N CCW/ G2 NE CW orbs; JP voidgate 2

by Gareth Firmstrider • Includes Ilya/Xeno Uptime


Quick Overview Resources

Nifty resource that covers the WHOLE fight!

Visual Supplement to Various E10 Mechs

Katori Mizuno (Leviathan)

E10 Full Fight Toolbox

Royin Aesir

Alternative Umbral Orbs + Tethered Apart

Eana Deva

Common Strategies

Trying to track down that one strategy you saw that one time? Look no further!


I hope you can count to three!

Shadow Cleave centre strat


E10S centre shadow cleave

Shadow Servant Giga Slash

Place these so your party doesn't get cleaved!

Shadowed Giga Slash

Mordred Kishi - famfrit


Dance with your shadows and bleed a little bit.

Voidgate Pocket Guide | E10S Litany Savage (Diagram + In-game)


Shackled Apart

Should we be surprised a fight with a dog has so many balls to catch?

Alternative Umbral Orbs + Tethered Apart

Eana Deva

Voidgate Amplifier + Pitch Bog

Wait we cleared it?! Bitch, POG!

Pitch Bog (JP Strat) Pocket Guide | E10S Litany Savage (Diagram + In-game)


E10S Voidgate Amplifier


Voidgate Amplified Strat – Double Shadow Melee Towers


U[time Pitch Bog a.k.a. Xeno Strat

Xenosys Vex, transcribed by Xi

Void Gate Amp (Chick Strat)

Ilya Towers

Ilya / Shar

Modified Xeno Strat

Xeno / Zuzuny

Voidgate Amplifier Diagrams


Kachi Strat


Double Updog VG2


e10s Voidgate amplifier, 2 shadows 1 tower

Arno Goodeye [Phoenix]

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