Eden’s Verse Refulgence (Savage) | E8S

Shiva | E8S

Enrage Timer: ~14:04
DPS Check Requirement excluding adds: ~85,700+
DPS Check Requirement including adds: ~90,400+

Somehow Ryne managed to convince the gang to let ice aether consume her so she can become the embodiment of Shiva. This goes about as well as you’d expect, with a special guest appearance from Hraesvelgr.

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Partyfinder Macros

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Common Strategies

Trying to track down that one strategy you saw that one time? Look no further!

Shiva Pull

Be sneaky sneaky and go around the back!

Sneaky Shiva Facepull


Diamond Frost

Requires specific placement for successful completion.

Diamond Frost Uptime Guide


Uptime Diamond Frost


Diamond Frost Standard


Light Rampant

This prog wall has a variety of well known options! Ayatori is a PF favorite.

Bowtie Light Rampant

Light Rampant – Ilya strat

Ilya (Valith Video)

Light Rampant Ayatori Strat


Light Rampant Uptime (U[time) Bowtie | Pocket Guide – E8S Refulgence Savage


Melbourne Hookturn Light Rampant


Unreal Light Rampant PoV


Banish Visual Tell

Appearing twice, here's the visual tell for stacking!

Banish Real/Fake Tell

Knockback Mirrors

Don't get pushed off the edge.

Knockback Mirror Uptime


Knockback Mirrors


Shining Armor

Helpful for casters, know when to look away!

Gaze Mirror Uptime


Icelit Dragonsong

Handling Icelit is a cinch after Light Rampant.

Icelit Dragonsong

Melee Uptime Icelit


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