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SaltedXIV’s core principle is making community created content, tools, and assets, freely and readily available for all Final Fantasy XIV players. Arising from difficulties trying to find resources in cross platform searches between Discord servers, Reddit, YouTube, and various sites, SaltedXIV aims to centralize and organize content for players. Serving as a launch point to that content, anything that is hosted on this site is done so with the explicit or expressed consent of the owners and creators. Linked content is provided to connect players with the wonderful resources other players make!

Any and all content that has a net benefit to the community can have a home here.

Community Content

Final Fantasy XIV has a fantastic content creator community. From developers, to videographers, graphic artists, gameplay experts, and everything in between. This site aims to help players find exactly what they’re looking for, bringing players to these amazing creators. SaltedXIV will never host the content from another creator without their explicit consent and strongly believes in the right of a content creator to control when, where, and how their content is presented. Content that is linked to on this site drives users directly to the creator’s space. The idea isn’t to split audiences away from subcommunities, just help users find that awesome content. This is why most YouTube links on the site take you right to the video on the creator’s channel.

If you ever have a question about content you see on this site, or concern that something is misrepresented, please don’t hesitate to contact the team directly.

Are you a content creator interested in SaltedXIV?

In Partnership with The Balance Discord Server

The Balance is a Discord server with nearly 200,000 members. It’s become the go-to resource for job theory, execution, and direct mentoring within the community. SaltedXIV is currently the official web home of non-caster Balance content, offering mentors the ability to host and edit their content here if they so choose.

Content that has a net benefit to the community ?

In the information age, not only do we face challenges from those who want to restrict information, we also face the challenges of misinformation that misguides readers. SaltedXIV is working on an extensive process to make sure the content showcased on this site is thoroughly vetted and peer reviewed for positive community impact. Therefore, no content on this site will be restricted or blocked based on personal opinions towards a content creator. However SaltedXIV reserves the right to determine whether or not a reactor should be represented if doing so would endanger others for any reason.

Thank You

This site is only possible because of the efforts of this fantastic community, and there’s no small amount of people I’d like to thank for their help and support in making this vision a reality.

To all of the content creators out there in all corners of the XIV space, thank you for making the wonderful things you do! It’s people like you who make the community thrive.

To the SaltedXIV server, my moderators, and the comfy folks who made it what it was because of my silly blobs. You reminded me daily how wholesome people can be and kept my spirit up even during dark times.

To my de facto consultant who swooped in and saved the day and/or provided a constant source of programming puns.

To Oowazu Nonowazu, whom most affectionately call Nono, who took my tooltip concept and turned it into a reality and made me realize my vision for this site could actually be realized. And whose gusto for tackling projects constantly inspires me to keep going and never give up. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep up with you, but I look up to you and am eternally grateful to have gotten to know you and continue to work with you.

And to my best friends who constantly picked me up and supported me through the many low points, and put up with my blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears) through it all. Ramza, Sassy, and Jam, I love you so much, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough. I am a better person because I’ve had the opportunity to know each of you.

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