Kupo Bot

by Eanae

Kupo Bot is a FFXIV Helper Discord Bot available for personal use on your Discord server! His goal is to make looking up information quick and painless without ever needing to step into your web browser. He is able to do things such as look up character information, fflogs, equipment, crafting recipes, and much more all from within Discord.
Kupo Bot also handles server moderation with moderator commands, automated spam handling, warnings, mutes, anti-raiding and more.


by goat and karashiiro

Universalis allows you to view in-game market for multiple servers at anytime, anywhere. It uses crowd-sourced data from multiple sources to provide the most up-to-date prices possible. It also provides a public API for other developers to access market data.

Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT)


Advanced Combat Tracker, commonly known as ACT is a raid analysis tool that parses your game’s battle log. For Final Fantasy XIV you’ll need the game-specific plugin, and logs generated from this program are often uploaded to the FFLogs website.



FFLogs is an analysis tool that reads combat logs generated by ACT uploaded to its website. The interface allows for easier transformations of combat log data for understanding gameplay. Players and teams are ranked for their performance against other players.

Garland Tools

Written by Clorifex Ezalor of Zalera

A comprehensive database of content from Final Fantasy XIV, tools for crafting and gathering, and more. Garland Tools includes three subsets, Garland Data, Garland Bell, and FFXIV Fisher. Garland Data includes crafting lists, equipment lists, and a database of everything in the game. Garland Bell has gathering timers, collectible resource timing windows, and hunt windows; set up alerts to avoid missing timed content in the game. FFXIV Fisher lists daily fishing windows, bait baths, and has a catch checklist feature.

FFXIV Teamcraft

created by Miu Asakura from Louisoix, Chaos.

FFXIV Teamcraft is a tool for Final Fantasy XIV players that helps with crafting lists organization and crafting/gathering in general. It has a lot of features to make it a one stop shop with things like a fully functional and amazing crafting simulator, integrated alarms, custom items, permissions system, realtime sharing, etc.

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