Final Fantasy XIV offers a variety of challenging battles. Each has a wide selection of resources, guides, tools, and videos made by players to help the community master the battles ahead! Featuring a crowd-sourced collection, each page below is continually updated as new resources are discovered!

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Previous Expansions

Pandæmonium Savage

A considerable challenge that rewards players with the best gear.

Extreme & Unreal

Of moderate difficulty, these encounters feature coveted mounts and more!


Quite literally the ultimate challenge, these fights are not to be trifled with.

Dragon King Thordan

Perfect Alexander

The Ultima Weapon


Patch 5.0 - 5.55

The critically acclaimed Shadowbringers expansion brought a variety of new challenges to the warrior of darkness!


Resources for fights from the Eden's raid released in Shadowbringers.

Previous Tiers

Eden's Verse Savage

Extreme & Unreal

Of moderate difficulty, these encounters feature coveted mounts and more!

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