Abyssos: The Fifth Circle | P5S

Proto-Carbuncle | P5S

Enrage Timer: ~10:00
DPS Check Requirement: ~49,400+
Average item level 600 or above

Who hurt this poor carbuncle? That is NOT a cute little button nose! Wait am I insulting their appearance? That’s toxic. No, I mean, it’s literally toxic. Dodge the poison spew and avoid getting chomped as you dodge ruby, topaz, and emerald attacks!

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P5S Early Clear Guide

Marker Placement Start 1. Sonic Howl = AOE2. Ruby Glow = AOE into 4 square reflect3. Topaz Stone

Fight Resources

Partyfinder Macros

Directions priorities used when possible


Common Strategies

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General Strategy Resources

Devour Braindead/Luka Strat – P5S Mini-guide

Hector Hectorson - Hector Lectures

Devour Dodges

How to Dodge Devour | P5S Pandæmonium Savage


P5S Easy Jumps


Turn of the Heavens + Elemental Break

The one with the red and blue rings everywhere and you stand in the tiny safe spots.

Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime | E11S Anamorphosis Savage (Diagram + In-game)


Turn of the Heavens Blue Uptime

Emilia Cioneuil

Prismatic Deception

Stop fidgeting!

Prismatic Deception

Lyra Rose

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