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P5S Early Clear Guide

Marker Placement Start 1. Sonic Howl = AOE2. Ruby Glow = AOE into 4 square reflect3. Topaz Stone with Green puddle = Go to safe corner.4. While in safe corner the party will need to avoid tanks and the tanks will need to avoid each other 5. Venomous Mass = Tank debuff, forced swap mechanic […]

The Phoinix Encounter Guide (P3S)

Welcome to the SaltedXIV encounter guide for the third floor of the savage tier, Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage). This raid requires an average item level of 580 to enter.

Hippokampos Encounter Guide (P2S)

Welcome to the SaltedXIV encounter guide for Asphodelos: The Second Circle (Savage)! This fight builds on some of the mechanics introduced in the normal version, while adding some extra difficulty and complexity. This raid requires an average item level of 575 to enter.

Erichthonios Encounter Guide (P1S)

Welcome to the SaltedXIV encounter guide for Asphodelos: The First Circle (Savage)! A lot of the core mechanics of the fight are similar to those of the Normal mode but have been made more complex for the Savage Difficulty. This raid requires an average item level of 570.

Player’s Blog: The Hidden Art of Dark Knight’s 2/6 Rotation

In the Player’s Blog, we invite players from all over to discuss any gameplay topic of interest to them. We’ve invited top EU Dark Knight speedrunner Keelan Strike to talk about his unique Dark Knight “2/6 Rotation” — a rotation known only to Keelan until just before the end of patch 5.4.

Delubrum Reginae Savage

Unlocking & Preparation Quest: Starts at Troubled GentlemanAfter meeting the following requirements, players must speak with the troubled gentleman in Gangos (X:6.6 Y:5.0) to unlock this duty. Completion of the quest “Fit for a Queen” (Normal) Resistance rank of 15 or higher Amassed at least 700,000 mettle All effects are the same as Normal, with […]

Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage) Phase One Raid Strategy Guide

Introduction The final fight of the Eden’s Promise raid tier, and of the Shadowbringers expansion, is Eden’s Promise Eternity (Savage). Split into two separate parts, this guide covers the battle between players and Eden’s Promise. When Eden’s Promise is defeated, players will proceed to the second part of the fight, and will no longer have […]

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