Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage) Phase Two Raid Strategy Guide

The Oracle of Darkness Savage Guide
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The final fight of the tier is the second part of the Eden’s Promise Eternity (Savage) fight. Players face off against Gaia in her form as the Oracle of Darkness as she’s overcome with dark aether. 

This fight was added on December 7, 2020 with patch 5.4. Players must completed the quest “Where I Belong” and speak to Lewrey in Amh Araeng (X:26.8, Y:16.4) to unlock it. An item level of 510 or above is required to enter.


Chest One

All of:
Edenmorn Weapon Coffer
Edenmorn Chest Gear Coffer
Eden Crystal
Wind-up Gaia
The Extreme Orchestrion Roll

Chest Two

One of:
Random Edenmorn Weapon


Book of Eternity
Eight tokens can be traded in for a Chest gear or Weapon of your choosing.


Phase 1 - Basic Relativity

Hell’s Judgment
Shockwave Pulsar
Dark Water III OR Dark Eruption
Dark Eruption OR Dark Water III
Darkest Dance
Shockwave Pulsar
Basic Relativity

Phase 3 - Advanced Relativity

Shockwave Pulsar
Dual Apocalypse
Somber Dance
Shell Crusher
Spirit Taker
Shockwave Pulsar
Advanced Relativity

Phase 2 - Intermediate Relativity

Shockwave Pulsar
Singular Apocalypse
Black Halo
Shell Crusher
Spirit Taker
Shockwave Pulsar
Intermediate Relativity

Phase 4 - Memory's End

Shockwave Pulsar
Triple Apocalypse
Darkest Dance
Shockwave Pulsar
Black Halo
Terminal Relativity
Shockwave Pulsar
Shockwave Pulsar
Shockwave Pulsar
Memory’s End

Enrage is a long casted Memory’s End at ~8:55 into the fight.

Fight Strategy

The owner of this guide requested removal of this content without providing a location of replacement material. They would prefer to harm the playerbase and continue supporting a corrupt community. 

Until they actually provide their guide elsewhere, I suggest accessing it on the wayback machine’s cached version here:

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