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Endgame Gearing and Content Unlock Guide

Endgame Gearing Guide [Updated for Patch 5.58]
Table of Contents
Current highest achievable item level: 530 Armor, 535 Weapon

This is a guide for people returning to the game after a long break, or people fresh out of MSQ and looking to get into endgame content. This guide doesn’t take into account dungeon loot, as you’ll naturally pick up upgrades from them as you progress through the MSQ, and the level 80 ones also don’t reward you with any weapons, with the highest ilvl armor they drop currently being 505. This will also only cover how to increase your average item level (ilvl) as much as possible, and not what gear combinations you need for your job-specific optimized Best-in-Slot gear (BiS). Check each job’s page for their respective BiS.

ilvl 485 Weapon

You can receive a free ilvl 485 relic weapon for the first job with which you do the Save the Queen Relic Quest (completing all 3 alliance raids from the Return to Ivalice questline is required to unlock this questline, which also gives you access to the Bozjan Southern Front, Delubrum Reginae and Zadnor). This weapon will be upgraded as you progress through the subsequent relic quests (up to ilvl 535)Here’s a more comprehensive guide on the Relic Weapon upgrade process. Weapons after your first one will cost you 1,000 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics Poetics.

ilvl 490-495

If you’re caught up with the current patch’s MSQ, then that means you can already jump to the next step, as the latest dungeon, Paglth’an, requires an average ilvl of 490 at a minimum. Otherwise, your main concern should be farming Allagan Tomestones of Allegory Allegory, which are the current uncapped endgame currency that can be used to purchase a full ilvl 490 set from Eulmore. These are obtained by participating in most level 80 activities as well as duty roulettes. Another way to get to 490 is by getting gear drops from running The Puppet’s Bunker (Alliance Raid) or buying ilvl 495 armor from The Bozjan Southen Front (Save the Queen Relic Quest) using Bozjan Coins Allegory (acquired by running Skirmishes, Critical Engagements, Castrum Lacus Litore or Delubrum Reginae).

[Optional] ilvl 495 Extreme Trial Weapon

Drops from The Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme). Can also be purchased with 10 totems Totem obtained from the same duty.

ilvl 510-515

Starting at ilvl 485, you’ll be able to enter the normal raids from the current tier, Eden’s Promise. As of patch 5.5, drops from those raids are unlocked, so you can very easily farm them until you have a full ilvl 510 Edenmete set. Your other options include Exarchic Gear, which is craftable gear you can either make yourself if you have the necessary crafters/recipes, or buy directly off the markerboard from other players, as well as Law’s Order Armor, which is obtainable by trading Bozjan Gold Coins Coin (Delubrum Reginae). Once you have ilvl 510 gear, you will have the recommended minimum item level to run the Savage versions of the Eden’s Promise raids.

[Optional] ilvl 515 Extreme Trial Weapon

Drops from Castrum Marinum (Extreme). Can also be purchased with 10 totems Totem obtained from the same fight.

ilvl 520-525

If you have any Exarchic Gear pieces, you can augment them to ilvl 520 by trading them in for Eulmoran Certificate of Grandeur Certificate and buying Crystalline Rain Rain with Allagan Tomestones of Allegory Allegory. You can also use your Allagan Tomestones of Revelation Revelation, which is the current capped endgame currency (you can only acquire 900 of it every week) to buy Cryptlurker Gear in Eulmore. Just like Allegory, these are obtained by participating in most level 80 activities as well as duty roulettes. Cryptlurker Gear is important, as it becomes item level 530 when augmented and many pieces will be part of the optimized BiS gear set depending on the job you’re playing, so make sure to get all 900 of your tomes every week. The Cryptlurker Weapon is particular, as it requires 10 Mowen’s Tokens (Revelation) Revelation, which are purchased with the corresponding tomestone, as well as a Defragmented Tomestone Tomestone, which is obtained by trading in 4 Blades of Lost Antiquity Blade (Eden’s Promise) or as a drop from Eden’s Promise: Litany (Savage). You can also get ilvl 520 armor from the latest alliance raid, The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. Lastly, you can also purchase the ilvl 525 Blade’s Armor from Zadnor using Bozjan Platinum Coins Coin, which are obtained by completing The Dalriada or exchanging Bozjan Mythril Coins Coin.

[Optional] ilvl 525 Extreme Trial Weapon

Drops from The Cloud Deck (Extreme). Can also be purchased with 10 totems Totem obtained from the same fight.

ilvl 530-535

The current highest achievable average item level. Your options here are basically limited to two things. The first is the Augmented Cryptlurker Gear which, as the name suggests, requires you to have the regular Cryptlurker pieces first. You can then upgrade them by trading them in alongside the required upgrade material (Crypt Ester Ester for Weapons, Crypt Twine Twine for Armor, Crypt Dusting Dusting for Accessories and Belt). These upgrade materials can be acquired by trading in all 3 types of Coins Coin1 Coin2 Coin3 from the YorHa Alliance Raids, trading in Sacks of Nuts Nuts from Hunts or as drop from Eden’s Promise (Savage). The second way to get to ilvl 530 is through the Edenmorn gear that drops from Eden’s Promise (Savage) itself. The weekly lockout for these drops is now gone, so they can be farmed with no limit. Each fight drops specific gear pieces, so you will need to go through all of them if you want a full set. If you’re unlucky when the time comes to roll on the gear, you will still get a book each time you complete a fight E9SE10SE11SE12S, which you can use to trade for the same gear that would drop from that specific fight. Keep in mind, both of these options are required if you’re looking to complete a BiS set for your job, as pretty much every job needs a combination of gear pieces from both sets to optimize their stats.

You can find resources for all 5 fights of the current Savage tier here (Eden’s Promise):

As well as the drop table from those raids:


[Bonus] ilvl 535 Relic Weapon

As we’ve reached the end of the Shadowbringers expansion, the relic weapons is now caught up to the latest Savage tier weapons in terms of item level (535). While the Savage weapon is more than sufficient in terms of power for pretty much everything, the relic weapon will have a slight edge on it since it has more overall stats and those stats are also customizable. So if you’re looking for something to grind while we wait for Endwalker, this is a pretty good thing to works towards, with the added bonus of you getting a nice looking weapon with fancy particle effects.

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