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3080Ti RAINNs Fundraiser FAQs

In the fallout, many people asked if I would be setting up a Gofundme to help cover the costs of my bills from the incidents. However, I really struggled to consider setting up one, both because I didn’t want to detract from the messages I had put out about the reality of communities sweeping sexual assault under the rug, and also because frankly I struggle to accept the direct kindness from strangers solely for my own personal “benefit.”

But, with that said, I also can’t deny the reality that the mostly finalized bills from everything related to my assault and suicide attempt top over $40,000.

Rather than setting up a fund just for myself, I sought out a way to help my situation but also jointly help others. I decided to try to leverage a fundraiser to raise awareness of the stigmas surrounding assault as well as help with my bills related to the incidents. Because I had this GPU on order from “before,” I settled on the idea of a raffle where half of proceeds go to charity, half help make a dent in my bills, and donors get a chance to win a highly sought-after item. After months of searching, Raffall seems to be the only provider that allows individuals to set up fundraisers with this structure.

As for my situation, I’m “fine” in that my credit is okay enough to cover everything with taking out loans that I’ll just be paying off forever. I’m not (currently) at risk of losing my home, and while my work performance has tanked, they haven’t fired me (yet), so I want to stress that I completely understand if people aren’t comfortable donating to this situation. If you were interested, but are turned off by all the complexities, please just donate to RAINN directly:

If you got to this page from somewhere else and are confused about what happened, check here.



Yup! Check out Raffall’s FAQ page for more details: and feel free to reach out to their support team with any questions!


I’m covering the cost of shipping as part of the raffle and am not limiting it to specific countries. I cannot ship to P.O. boxes. I reserve the right to have a new winner selected if it is too difficult to ship to the randomly selected winner’s location. You must be 18 or older to enter. Check out the Raffall site terms for full eligibility requirements:

Please be a part of the SaltedXIV discord to ensure eligibility and contactabilty!


This is a fundraising raffle hosted through Raffall. You purchase tickets for a chance to win one of the various prizes listed, including the grand prize: an EVGA RTX 3080 ti. The more tickets sold, the more prizes I add to the pool. Each ticket is ₤4 and you can buy as many as you want (up to 5% of the total amount of tickets). Proceeds over the cost of the prizes are split 50/50 with RAINN.

You just said proceeds are split 50/50, why does it say 40% on the site?

There isn’t an option on Raffall to deduct the cost of the items separately from the amount raised, but I wanted people to be assured funds are going to the charity. Setting up the raffle this way ensures Raffall, not me, handles the major donation to RAINN. By setting the donation amount to 40%, I’m roughly accounting that 10% of everything raised covers the costs of the prizes, while still prioritizing funds going to the charity before going to my bills.

To put some math behind this, the GPU cost ₤1040. If ₤1733 is raised (~433 tickets), ₤693 would go to RAINN and $1040 would go towards covering the cost of the GPU. And, at that amount raised, ₤0/$0 would go towards helping my own sexual assault situation. If the total amount raised is less than ₤1733, I just eat the loss while the donation to RAINN still goes through. If over ₤1733 is raised, then it starts going towards my own bills and the cost of other prizes.

I intend to stay true to the 50/50 statement however, so in the event this fundraiser miraculously is wildly successful, any amount made over the cost of prizes +50% I’ll donate the remainder to RAINN. Meaning hypothetically, let’s say ₤20,000 was raised, and total cost of prizes was ₤1,200. So, net amount raised would be ₤18,800.
Raffall would directly pay the ₤8,000 right to RAINN.
50% of the total raised would be ₤9,400. So, ₤1,200 would cover the prize cost, ₤9,400 would be the amount raised to cover my own situation, and the remaining ₤1,400 I would then donate to RAINN myself.

This is an overly complicated way of saying I wanted to leverage Raffall to handle the donation transaction to help assure participants the money is going where it’s being claimed to go. But if this is somehow hitting crazy amount marks (lol, it won’t) then I’d have to handle a small part of the donation transaction myself. (Proof of the extra donation will still be provided in this case!)

What are the details of the GPU?

It’s a sealed, brand new in box, EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 Ti graphics card, model number: 12G-P5-3967-KR. You can see the full product details on the manufacturer’s page for this product here: Yes it’s LHR (all Ti’s are LHR). The MSRP for the GPU is $1419 (₤1040). Yes, I have it in hand. It’s literally sitting on my desk next to me. Also hence the pictures with Lambie, so you KNOW I  have it. The warranty should be transferrable because it’s an EVGA card bought from an authorized reseller, but I in no way am guaranteeing this.

Why is the raffle in GBP? I thought you were in the US?

I searched high and low for a provider who could host a fundraiser in the structure I had envisioned and Raffall was the only one I found to fit the bill thanks to a previously held community fundraiser: They’re a UK based company, hence the GBPs. I contacted their support and confirmed even as a US citizen I could legally host a raffle on their platform. They just don’t have the option to use other currencies currently.


RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US. They helped me with legal advice in the wake of everything, and they make it their mission to provide support and resources for victims, while also helping education the public about the many misconceptions surrounding sexual assault and rape.

If your bills are so high, why did you buy a 3080 Ti in the first place?

The order for this card was actually placed before all of the incidents transpired, and it was paid for back then. It just didn’t arrive until several months after everything had happened. I debated just reselling it to help with the bills, but frankly it would only recoup a small dent of the total I needed. This seemed like a better way to give back and maybe help the situation.

I don’t need a GPU or prizes, is there a way I can donate to you?

Why are you even reading this question? No one actually wants to do this! However, SaltedXIV’s PayPal does pay out directly to me if you’re weird and want an alternative.

Is Lambie a prize? I saw him in one of the promo pictures!

Heck no! He just wanted to help me with the graphics. You know how much I’d cry if I had to lose him?! He says hi, though. 

Why does it end on 12/11, that seems random?

I needed an end date, and that’s my birthday :).

I have more questions!

Contact me on discord @Alevia#1270, on the SaltedXIV discord, through the site contact form here, or email me at

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