This Great Community, by the way | Part 1

A cautionary tale of sexism, elitism, lies, deceit, crisis, assault, and power abuse. When Final Fantasy XIV’s expansion, Endwalker, launches in November, I will be taking down the SaltedXIV project unless someone steps forward willing to take it over. For those who would like to know why, this post will attempt to explain the foremost […]

This Great Community | Part 2: Bad Dragon vs. the Tender Lamb

A cautionary tale of sexism, elitism, lies, deceit, crisis, assault, and power abuse. This is a long one, and I don’t have a ton of energy to go into it as it’s not the main focus of these series of posts, but it does lead to some of the actions by the community I want […]

This Great Community | Part 3: The sexism starts early

A cautionary tale of sexism, elitism, lies, deceit, crisis, assault, and power abuse. We’ll end this series with the beginning. My journey in Eorzea began back in October of 2015, a bit before patch 3.1 of Heavensward. I picked up the game with one real purpose: to fill the social hole in my life. Like […]

Player’s Blog: The Hidden Art of Dark Knight’s 2/6 Rotation

In the Player’s Blog, we invite players from all over to discuss any gameplay topic of interest to them. We’ve invited top EU Dark Knight speedrunner Keelan Strike to talk about his unique Dark Knight “2/6 Rotation” — a rotation known only to Keelan until just before the end of patch 5.4.

FFXIV The Cloud Deck Extreme (Diamond Weapon) Guide

A little late but I’m quite happy how this turned out! Had loads of fun making this with @Rin Karigani @AkhMorning ( ? You can find the written version on AkhMorning: Shoutout to the Fey’s Temperance Discord for connecting us: If you find this guide helpful and enjoyed the video, support me by: […]

The Cloud Deck (Extreme) Guide – “Diamond Weapon”

::Final Fantasy XIV – The Cloud Deck (EXTREME) Guide! A quick overview of the new boss, DIAMOND WEAPON, guaranteed to get you through it! Watch live on twitch:! Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I’ll get back to you! FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY […]

Cloud Deck (Extreme) Guide – Diamond Weapon Extreme

This video is sponsored by Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia! The Spring Festival is underway until April 28th so start now and take advantage of it! Download it and earn over 140 classic FF characters free while playing through an immersive story! Timestamps: Positioning – 1:18 Diamond Rain – 1:38 Adamant Purge – 2:45 […]

Diamond Weapon (Extreme) Raid Guide | FFXIV

Regarding Auri Arts I, it is never necessary to cross into the bit side after they resolve – there will always be safe spots either on the teleporter buttons, or directly across from them – see the diagram in the Auri Arts section of the video for a visual example. I didn’t test these myself […]

Just the Salt: Patch 5.5 Notes Recap

Just want the quick and dirty version of the Patch 5.5 Notes? We’ve got the highlights right here! Just the salt covers a high-level overview of the latest update to the game.

Pickup Guide | E12S Eternity Savage – Phase 02

A fast-paced guide for the 2nd phase of E12S. –Gameplay from FFXIV version 5.4-5.45 What’s inside: ? A Speedy rundown of the fight ✅ Quick & Easy references and solutions for the key mechanics ⚔️ Strats that are common in PF (Party Finder) right now–as of 3/14/2021 at Aether Datacenter ⭐️ The essentials you need […]