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Target Selection Guide: Mouse & Keyboard

This guide will walk you through understanding how to select friendly, enemy, and ground targets on a traditional mouse+keyboard setup in FFXIV. It will also introduce the many customizable options you can leverage to better suit your playstyle and allow you to target, select, and switch seamlessly.

Keybinding Guide: Mouse & Keyboard

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand some helpful concepts on how to make efficient and comfortable keybinds with a traditional mouse+keyboard setup in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). New and veteran players alike can find useful tips inside.

New Player FAQ

The owner of this guide requested removal of this content without providing a location of replacement material. They would prefer to harm the playerbase and continue supporting a corrupt community.  Until they actually provide their guide elsewhere, I suggest accessing it on the wayback machine’s cached version here:

Endgame Gearing and Content Unlock Guide

This is a guide for people returning to the game after a long break, or people fresh out of MSQ and looking to get into endgame content. This guide doesn’t take into account dungeon loot, as you’ll naturally pick up upgrades from them as you progress through the MSQ, and the level 80 ones also don’t reward you with any weapons, with the highest ilvl armor they drop currently being 505.

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