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Eden’s Verse (Savage)

E5s | Ramuh

Eden's Verse Fulmination (Savage)

With Gaia awake, the gang turns to restoring the next element, lightning. Remembering the battle long ago fought for the Sylphs, somehow you get a fearsome bearded horse guy.

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E6s | Ifrit & Garuda

Eden's Verse Furor (Savage)

Why not tackle two birds with one stone? Next elements up are fire and air! Wind only makes fire stronger so surely it’s a great idea to summon these two together! Urianger says it’s something to do with rain, but to be frank, I’m not buying it.

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E7s | Idol of Darkness

Eden's Verse Iconoclasm (Savage)

As Gaia struggles with her new reality, she seem to falter as dark aether surrounds her. Coalescing, this manifestation draws in sin eaters near and far to serve as your next foe.

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E8s | Shiva

Eden's Verse Refulgence (Savage)

Somehow Ryne managed to convince the gang to let ice aether consume her so she can become the embodiment of Shiva. This goes about as well as you’d expect, with a special guest appearance from Hraesvelgr.

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