Eden’s Gate (Savage)

E1s | Eden Prime

Eden's Gate Resurrection (Savage)

As Ryne discovers a vast concentration of light in the barren wastelands known as the Empty, the traveling group uncovers Eden, the very first sin eater, and possibly the key to restoring aetherial balance to the first. 

E2s | Voidwalker

Eden's Gate Descent (Savage)

After overcoming Eden Prime and gaining some control over the sin eater, trouble arises at the presence of a new, unknown enemy.

E3s | Leviathan

Eden's Gate Inundation (Savage)

Tasked with restoring the first element back to the Empty, water, the Warrior of Light is challenged with reminiscing of a long ago fought watery foe. Yet somehow this version has two heads?

E4s | Titan

Eden's Gate Sepulture (Savage)

With water aether restored, earthen aether is next on the list. But all you seem to remember of your rocky past are landslides. Lots of landslides. Bala-la-la-la!

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