Paladin Opener and Rotation

An in-depth overview of the Final Fantasy XIV Paladin opener and rotation at level 80 showing how buffs align and providing various options for encounter-specific needs.

Becoming A Better Tank

What is Tanking? Tanking in Final Fantasy 14, in the most basic of ideas, is controlling the Enmity of the enemies and reducing the damage you take from said enemies. The ultimate goal for a tank is to provide the most comfortable experience for both healers and DPS to do their jobs. Comfortable DPS will […]


Paladin (PLD) guides, best-in-slot gearsets, openers, rotational tips, tricks, and the basics of the tank job.

Privacy Policy

PRIVACY NOTICE Last updated July 01, 2020 This may or may not (was) have been generated by a privacy policy maker with some edits, but if you have any questions please just ask! The short version is that SaltedXIV doesn’t collect any user information directly and the only cookies in place are from Google Analytics, […]