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Paladin Encounter Rotations

Eden's Verse (Savage)

Eden’s Verse: Fulmination (E5S)

High-uptime encounter with standard Fight or Flight opener and rotation. Consider delaying 5th FoF to re-open after Centaur’s Charge (will also align Requiescat with 2nd Thunderstorm for easier movement).

Eden’s Verse: Furor (E6S)

(7:10 Speed)
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Requiescat lines up cleanly with the 5 GCD Blaze disengagement if properly executed. Keep the rotation as tight as possible to avoid delaying buffs or losing GCDs between each phase.

Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm (E7S)

<4:54 Adds / No Stun / 2.39 GCD
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(<5:00 Fast Adds)
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(>5:20 Slow Adds)
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This encounter is very sensitive to add phase kill time (to ensure {!Fight or Flight) and {!Requiescat} line up with phase 3 without losing usages). Optimal early phase rotations for specific add phase kill times are listed, although optimal late phase rotations are dependent on boss kill time (only the fastest possible late phase rotations are shown, since boss kill time may be uncertain, to guarantee maximum Requiescat usages).

Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (E8S).

16-second pre-pull Fight or Flight opener is optimal to maximize personal buff usages in phase 1. Standard FoF re-opener and rotation are suggested for phase 3.

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The Epic of Alexander

P1 – Living Liquid & Liquid Hand

Delayed opener is optimal for this phase, but fast pushes may require a standard opener to ensure buffs are available for phase 2.

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P2 – Brute Justice & Cruise Chaser

Party-specific. Pre-pull {Fight or Flight} (6th Hawk Blaster) is optimal for this phase. Try to maximize AoE with Requiescat, and only use Goring Blade on both targets if it will not waste {!Atonements}.

P3 – Alexander Prime

Try to maximize AoE with Requiescat on adds, unless delaying it will cost a usage before the end of the phase.

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P4 – Perfect Alexander

Requiescat opener has a minor potency advantage over the entire phase if executed properly (unless skipping 3rd Temporal Prison). Pay special attention to immediately before and after FCβ

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