The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call (Extreme) Guide

Guide for Hydaelyn EX
Zeva’sae Kaisteile, SaltedXIV et al.
Table of Contents
This is a guide for the (Extreme) trail The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call. It was released in patch 6.0 and recommends an item level of 560. The party DPS needed to clear this fight is around 30,000.


Phase 1

Hero’s Radiance
Shining Saber
Crystallize (Water)
Weapon Summon
Crystallize resolves
Mago’s Radiance/Mousa Scorn
Aureole/Lateral Aureole
Crystallize (Ice)
Weapon Summon
Crystallize resolves
Mousa’s Scorn
Aureole/Lateral Aureole
Crystallize (Earth/Water)
Weapon Summon (Sword)
Crystallize resolves

Phase 2 - Adds
Phase 3

Lightwave + Infralateral Arc
Lightwave + Hero’s Glory + Hero’s glory
Hero’s Sundering
Shining Saber
Weapon Summon (Staff)
Mousa’s Scorn
Crystallize (Water)
Subparhelion + Crystallize resolves
Aureole/Lateral Aureole
Weapon Summon (Sword)
Magos’s Radiance
-Crystallize (Ice)
Parhelic Circle
Crystallize resolves
Aureole/Lateral Aureole
Weapon Summon (Chakrams)
Radiant Halo
Lightwave + Echoes
Crystallize (Water)
Shining Saber
Crystallize resolves
Crystallize (Ice)
Aureole/Lateral Aureole
Crystallize resolves
Crystalize (Earth)
Aureole/Lateral Aureole
Crystallize resolves
Hero’s Radiance (Enrage)

Mechanic Overview

Raid wide damage

Party stack that targets one of the healers. You can tell who it’s targeting because she will actually target then

Raid wide damage

Hydaelyn will gain one of three elemental buffs, Water, Ice or Earth.

  • Water: Light party stacks targeted on healer healers
  • Ice: Spread
  • Earth: Party stack

North and South cleave from the BOSS, get to the sides of her (the AoE is big, stand by the arrows on the hitbox to avoid getting hurt)

East and West cleave from the BOSS, get to the front or back of her. Again note that the AoE is big so you want to be as center in front/back of her as you can be.

Tank stack, always used when chakrams are out

Raid wide damage

Crystals will spawn, players will need to Line of Sight the crystals that the wave itself is hitting behind another crystal. If Lightwave is cast after Radiant Halo there will be no crystals and you will have to deal with Echoe stack instead

Targets one role at a time. This happens at the same time as a lightwave hits the crystal in the back

Frontal cleave, get behind the boss.

Tank buster

Hydaelyn shoots three sets of chakrams on the side of the arena that will hold their position

The chakrams placed during Parhelion will shoot across in the pattern of a bowtie the arena in the same order that they were originally fired.

Orbs will spawn on the end of the lines and have an AoE around them.

Party stack that hits multiple times.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

Before pull, set up two healer stacks (“light parties”) and clock positions. These will be helpful and important for mechanics in the phase and throughout the fight.

During Crystalize watch for any of the three elements: Ice, Water or Earth and also watch for her weapon change.
Ice = spread. Water = light party stack. Earth = party stack.

You will also see a weapon change swirl around her.

  • Chakrams (Red)= In
  • Staff (Green) = Out
  • Sword (Blue)= Plus (+) from where she is located (go to an intercardinal)

All of these are based on HER location.

The weapon mechanic resolves first, followed by

the element mechanic. Note that the first Crystalize in the fight will ALWAYS be Water and the Second will always be Ice. The first two weapons are always either staff or chakrams.

After the first Crystalize there will either be a tank stack (Mousa Scorn) or raid wide (Magos Radiance). Mousa Scorn is only used during chakrams weapons and Magos Radiance is only used during Staff.

Next up is either Aurela or Lateral Aurela, dodge accordingly.

She will then go through two more casts of Crystalize and change weapons two more times alongside with that so dodge accordingly. Again note that the second Crystallize will be Ice. The final weapon will ALWAYS be Sword so that will be intercards of her, which allows players to preposition. She always pairs this with either Earth or Water.

Phase 2 - Crystals & Adds

Six crystals will spawn, and three will be glowing (can spawn either north side or south side). ,There will also be two adds that the tanks must pick up. The tanks can either split the aggro on these or have one tank take them both, but note that the adds tether to each other giving them a damage buff. The adds will also tether to crystals causing them to take severely reduced damage so after identifying which set of crystals are glowing, the the tank(s) will need to take the adds away from the glowing crystals.

The rest of the party will need to destroy the glowing crystals first as they are charging to cast faster. Then focus on the last three. The standard strategy is to work clockwise as the crystals are killed, with the tanks also moving the adds on the opposite side of the arena so that they’re never too close to the crystal that the party is attacking, avoiding them tethering to the one the rest of the party is hitting.

Killing each crystal does damage to the adds and slows how fast the Conviction bar fills up. Crystal damage CAN kill the adds but if they are not killed by the time all six crystals are down then swap to attacking them. They can stay stacked up or be split between the arena for the tanks.

After the two adds and crystals are killed there will be heavy raid wide damage after she plunges her sword into the ground. Shield as necessary.

Phase 3 - Lightwaves and Chakrams

The first mechanic to go off will be Halo. After this she will cast Lightwave. This first Lightwave will spawn a total of 4 crystals, three in the front of the arena and one in the back, and two Lightwaves.

Two light waves spawn north and four crystals spawn, three north and one in the center. One wave runs down the middle of the arena and the second wave will be either to the left or right of it. The side that doesn’t have a wave is the crystal that is save zone to be used to line of sight the first two explosions of waves running into crystals. After the first two crystals are hit she will jump to the middle crystal and cast Infralateral Arc. This is an AoE that hits one of each role. To solve this mechanic each role (Tank/DPS/Heal) will need to go to one of the three crystals and line of sight the crystal in the back of the arena and soak the AoE with their role. Standard strategy has healers staying put, DPS heading to the middle, and tanks moving to the farthest side.

After this is another Lightwave. This time 5 crystals will spawn. She will jump to the middle crystal and do a frontal cleave. Two Lightwaves will be coming from the north side and you will have to see which one moves first to figure out which side of the middle crystal you will need to stand on first to line of sight the first crystal. Once you figure out where you’re starting, you can move in a Z pattern to line of sight each of the 4 crystals the two lightwaves will hit. After the fourth one is hit, she will jump to a random crystal and do her frontal AoE along with having another Lightwave spawn. You will need to get behind her and behind the crystal she is in front of so you can line of sight the crystal in the middle and not get hit by her frontal AoE.

She will cast Halo again after all this then do Hero’s Sundering which is a tank buster conal AoE, DO NOT be near the tank targeted with this. After this, Shining Saber will happen again followed up with Staff (Green) right afterwards. Since Staff is out, she will cast her raid wide again followed up by another Mousa’s Scorn.

The Crystalize here is ALWAYS Ice. She also casts Parhelic Circle, creating lines on the ground which spawns orbs at their tips that explode.. The orbs will explode, doing an AoE around them.Avoid the orb AOEs, spread for the Ice AOEs, and then position for the following Aureole or Lateral Aureole This will be followed up instantly by Chakrams (Red) or Staff (Green), and a shared tank buster.

Next is Parhelion, she will shoot three sets of Chakrams from her and they will sit on the edge of the arena for a bit before shooting across the arena in a bowtie pattern. At the same time as this she will cast Crystalize and get Water, requiring the party to split up into light parties.

After the last Chakram goes off she will start casting either Lateral Aureole or Aureole. Players will need to dodge accordingly. This will be followed up with a weapon change to Sword (Blue).

After this she will auto attack for a short before teleporting to the middle and casting Radiant Halo followed by Lightwave. All Lightwaves paired with Radiant Halo will not have Crystals. The tank will need to move the boss to the noticeably sized safe zone to dodge the waves and the party will then need to stack for the multi-hit stack Echoes. Echoes hit five times before players need to spread out for AoEs while the tanks stack together for a shared tank buster. Keep an eye out for the remaining waves.

After this she will cast Lightwave again, in this case the middle is ALWAYS safe here.

She will cast Crystalize (Water) and Shining Saber. The party should stack together for Shining Saber, separate into light party stacks, and then move away from her for the following Staff AOE. Mitigate and heal appropriately.

She repeats the same pattern of the first Lightwave of this phase with Lightwave into Echoes into AOEs and a shared tank stack. The next Crystalize is always Ice and either Lateral Aureole or Aureole. Dodge accordingly then spread for Ice. She’ll pull out her chakrams again, so go in.

She will cast Crystalize (Earth) followed by another Lateral Aureole or Aureole. Move for the Aureole cleave, stay stacked for Earth, and then move to her intercardinal for the following Sword attack. She will begin her enrage cast of Hero’s Radiance shortly after this; it will wipe the party if she is not killed before it resolves.

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