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White Mage Action Overview

White Mage action overview, providing a break down of White Mage’s level 90 actions, skills, and abilities, organized by type and what they do. Split into single target and AOE/party divisions!

Eden’s Promise White Mage Fight Guide

The notes and suggestions below are provided to help you get through the fight while maintaining decent damage. This is not intended to be a 100% optimal uptime resource, but instead something to help you clear comfortably without risking your party members lives. Notes in here are subject to change as new ideas are developed […]

Eden’s Verse White Mage Fight Tips

This a quick and dirty list of notes and thoughts for each respective fight in the tier. It’s NOT meant to be comprehensive nor list all the 100% perfect optimization strats, but rather instead to provide tips for some mechanics and list out the answers to some of the most common fight-specific questions I’m seeing. […]

White Mage

White Mage (WHM) guides, best-in-slot gearsets, openers, rotational tips, tricks, and the basics of the healer job.

White Mage Guide

The white mage class (WHM) is deceptively one of the most beginner friendly and yet uniquely obtuse healer jobs in the game.

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