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Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis (Savage) Raid Strategy Guide

The Fatebreaker Savage Guide
Table of Contents


The third fight of the Eden’s Promise raid tier is Eden’s Promise Anamorphosis (Savage). Players will face off against a twisted form of Thancred, the Fatebreaker, spawned from Ryne’s memories.

This fight was added with patch 5.4 on December 7, 2020. To unlock it, players must complete the quest “Where I Belong” and speak to Lewrey in Amh Araeng (X:26.8, Y:16.4). An item level of 510 or higher is required to enter.


Chest One

One of:
Edenmorn Leg Gear Coffer

Chest Two

One of:
Edenmorn Head Gear Coffer
Edenmorn Hand Gear Coffer
Edenmorn Foot Gear Coffer


Book of Anamorphosis
Eight tokens can be traded for a Leg gear of your choosing.
Four tokens can be traded for an item to upgrade weapons or left side gear.


Phase 1

Elemental Break (red OR blue)
Burnt Strike (red OR blue)
Bound of Faith (red OR blue)
Burnished Glory
Powder Mark
Turn of the Heavens (red)
Burnt Strike (blue OR red)
Bound of Faith (blue OR red)
Elemental Break (blue OR red)
Shifting Sky (red OR blue)

Phase 2

Elemental Break (red OR blue)
Burnished Glory
Elemental Break (yellow)
Burnt Strike (yellow)
Bound of Faith (yellow)
Burnished Glory
Powder Mark
Right of the Heavens (red OR blue)
Burnt Strike (any)
Bound of Faith (red or yellow)
Elemental Break (any)
Sundered Sky (red or blue)

Phase 3

Elemental Break (any)
Burnished Glory
Turn of the Heavens (red or blue)
Elemental Break (red or blue)
Powder Mark
Right of the Heavens (red or blue)
Bound of Faith (red or yellow)
Prismatic Deception

Phase 4

Burnished Glory
Cycle of Faith (any)
Burnished Glory
Cycle of Faith (one of the remaining two)
Burnished Glory
Cycle of Faith (remaining one)
Burnished Glory
Burnished Glory – enrage

Enrage is a short casted Burnished Glory @ ~11:35 into the fight.

Fight Mechanics

This section will be repopulated as soon as possible.

General Fight Mechanics


Cycle of Faith

Fight Strategy

The owner of this guide requested removal of this content without providing a location of replacement material. They would prefer to harm the playerbase and continue supporting a corrupt community. 

Until they actually provide their guide elsewhere, I suggest accessing it on the wayback machine’s cached version here:

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