Bard Fight Specific Notes

Eden's Verse (Savage)

Eden’s Verse: Fulmination (E5S)

  • Song rotation: normal
  • No tactics here

Eden’s Verse: Furor (E6S)

  • Song rotation: normal; downtimes should be Mage's Ballad Army's Paeon Mage's Ballad
  • Once you go out to the safe spot in P2 Strike Spark, if you have max apex gauge you should hold it until Ifrit + Garuda spawn together at the start of P3
  • Preposition during the P2 -> P3 downtime so you can immediately apex arrow both bosses once they are targetable
  • You should be in ifrit’s group if possible, so that you don’t have to hard reapply dots
  • Use the 2nd the Wanderer's Minuet in P4 the moment it comes off cd, regardless of where you are in your Army's Paeon (if you delayed songs earlier in the fight, it will probably be ~16-18s into thatArmy's Paeon), so that you get most or full the Wanderer's Minuet before the boss jumps for conflag. be sure to dump stacks a gcd before you normally would
  • Good spots to Troubadour: P1 superstorm, P2 inferno howl at the start, P4 inferno howl before strike spark (use it at the start of inferno howl cast so that it’s back up for the next use), P4 storm of fury (blue tethers + cones) -> inferno howl after conflag strike

Eden’s Verse: Iconoclasm (E7S)

  • Song rotation: avoid going songless, either extend an Army's Paeon in phase 1 by ~5s, or use Mage's Ballad before the boss leaves for adds. The first 1 stops you from having to do a teleport right as the Wanderer's Minuet ends, but it might be kill time dependent, especially if you’re doing reopener after adds phase.
  • Double dot all the adds and keep them up with Iron Jaws
  • Not really much of a need to hold Apex Arrow going into adds phase, you should be able to build most of an Apex Arrow while applying dots
  • In order to Apex Arrow two adds in adds phase, target a faraway one and stand in the hitbox of your add
  • Good spots to Troubadour: betwixt worlds -> empty wave (this one is super value, cast with ~2s left on teleport timer), AOE spam at the end of adds phase, knockback at the start of tornado phase, last threefold grace

Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (E8S).

  • Song rotation before adds: normal
  • Opener Raging Strikes Stormbite the Wanderer's Minuet Battle Voice Caustic Bite Empyreal Arrow Bloodletter …-> This is to get Battle Voice on cooldown earlier so that you can get an extra GCD’s worth before going to adds phase. You will not need Battle Voice to beat adds phase.
  • You can outrange Scythe Kick if the boss is off center by a bit, this is true throughout the fight
  • the Warden's Paean works on the freeze debuffs in Diamond Frost and Icelit Dragonsong, but only if you use it after the debuff is applied
  • Sample adds phase plan for left side:
    • Start the Wanderer's Minuet
    • Caustic Bite each of the first electrics, you can do this before they get the reflect debuff
    • Double dot aqua and let your tank finish electrics
    • When first earth spawns, switch to it, double dot and silence
    • Hold a Pitch Perfect 3 from this first earth, you won’t need it to kill
    • During downtime between waves 2 and 3, press Raging Strikes and Barrage
    • Barrage Pitch Perfect 3 the second earth, then switch to second water, use AP, and double dot
    • Preposition for the second lightnings; if you assume second water is N, then they always spawn SW SE
    • Aim at one while standing in the hitbox of the other to Apex Arrow (you can save this for boss if you have enough damage), then apply Caustic Bites
    • If needed, you can finish them off with other damage such as Empyreal Arrow
  • Song rotation after adds: depends on burst timings, if your reopener burst is 20s delayed and you don’t lose a use of the Wanderer's Minuet from kill time then you can open in Army's Paeon
  • Opener after adds: Stormbite Bloodletter the Wanderer's Minuet Caustic Bite pot Burst Shot Raging Strikes Empyreal Arrow Burst Shot Sidewinder …-> (don’t use Barrage too late), this might also depend on your burst timings
  • For ice floor Akh Rhai after Icelit, assuming the party and boss are north, you can position yourself to the southwest of the boss and repelling shot when the Akh Rhai snapshots to avoid clipping GCD
  • Nature's Minne can be good value since there are some spots that demand single target burst healing: the very start after the cast of Driving/Biting frost, double slap 1, double knockback mirrors (on the tank that is closest to the green mirror), double slap 2, Akh Morns if cheesing with non-hallowed invulns
  • Good spots to Troubadour:
    • Absolute Zero at the start
    • Diamond Frost flares (not if you use it on absolute zero)
    • Banish 3 just before adds
    • 3x Akh Morn -> Morn Afah after adds (use near the end of the Akh Morn cast)
    • double knockback mirrors
    • 4x Akh Morn -> Morn Afah after gaze mirrors
    • Any time in the final heal check

The Epic of Alexander

P1 – Living Liquid & Liquid Hand

  • Quick Nock and Rain of Death whenever possible. Of course, double dot both targets.
  • Song rotation: This depends somewhat on your kill time. If you’re killing fairly fast (~ when the last Embolus spawns), with a standard song rotation, you won’t have Mage's Ballad back up for the 2nd song in Brute Justice / Cruise Chaser. You can get around this by starting your 1st Mage's Ballad 5s early (doing 25-30-25 the Wanderer's Minuet-Mage's Ballad-Army's Paeon for the phase).
    Alternatively, if you’re just progging and not speedkilling, there’s no real need to kill it any faster than final Embolus, so I just go songless for the last few seconds of the phase. If your kill time is very slow, you can also extend Army's Paeons in this phase.
  • Related, use your 2nd Raging Strikes as soon as it comes up (it should be with some time left on Army's Paeon). It should happen right before the last Iron Jaws on the hand, as well as the second Shadowbite.
  • Don’t Sidewinder at the normal time in the opener. Hold Sidewinder until the hand spawns, then Shadowbite off the boss.
  • Jagd Dolls: There are plenty of ways to do this. I double dot my doll, then Apex Arrow my doll + another doll, then a filler GCD, tuning HP with Bloodletters (you should be in Mage's Ballad at this point). You can in fact Apex Arrow 2 dolls + 2 bosses, but if you’ve already got a strat set for this phase it’s probably not worth it to change it.
  • the Warden's Paean does work on the Throttle debuff, but you MUST use it as a cleanse (you cannot use it in advance). Coordinate a priority system with your healers for it.
  • Good Troubadour spots are the splashes + tether tankbusters, and Protean 2.
  • Don’t forget to use Nature's Minne. Your tanks are getting absolutely trucked by autos and busters, and everything helps.

P2 – Brute Justice & Cruise Chaser

  • Quick Nock and Rain of Death whenever possible, though depending on your strat this may not be very often. The DPS check is extremely forgiving, so if progging, it’s definitely better to make use of your mobility than to try and make a strat that keeps you in Quick Nock range as much as possible.
  • Song rotation: standard, except that you should extend the Army's Paeon at the very end of the phase. If you’re going songless even with that extension, you probably need to tighten up DPS as a group. If your Living Liquid kill time is extremely fast (during prot 2), you may not have the Wanderer's Minuet at the beginning of the phase; just open Army's Paeon in this case.
  • In general, a good way to hit both bosses with Apex Arrow and Quick Nock is to stand inside the hitbox of one boss and aim at the other.
  • Good Troubadour spots are Water + Lightning, especially Whirlwind -> 3rd Water + Lightning, although you can probably use it just about anywhere and get value.
  • Don’t forget to use Nature's Minne. Your tanks are getting absolutely trucked by autos and busters, and everything helps.

P3 – Alexander Prime

  • Song rotation: You have two options, one is more total damage with a slow kill time and the other loads more damage into the J Wave burn phase.
  • More total damage with slow kill: the Wanderer's Minuet post Temporal Stasis. During Inception, DoT + Mage's Ballad + Empyreal Arrow the heart ASAP, then once the 3rd flamethrower hits, switch to Army's Paeon and hit Empyreal Arrow again. the Wanderer's Minuet post Inception, and because of the cooldown reduction from Army's Paeon, it should be up again after Wormhole. Standard song rotation from there, albeit with Raging Strikes slightly desynced from the Wanderer's Minuet. If you get another Raging Strikes/Barrage due to slow kill, they may not be back up for Perfect Alex, so be careful about that.
  • More damage on J Waves: the Wanderer's Minuet post Temporal Stasis (you can use Mage's Ballad as a 100 pot oGCD at the very beginning or end). During Inception, DoT + Army's Paeon + 2x Empyreal Arrow the heart. the Wanderer's Minuet post Inception. Mage's Ballad post Wormhole, then Mage's Ballad will end just as Cruise Chaser is targetable in J Wave phase. You should prepop Raging Strikes in order to get it on all DoTs during J Wave.
  • Prepop Raging Strikes for post Temporal Stasis and post Inception in order to get Raging Strikes on the maximum duration of both DoTs. You can also pop potion as Alex finishes casting Temporal Stasis to get it on cooldown faster, but don’t do this for Raging Strikes, there’s no need.
  • Hold Barrage and Sidewinder post Temporal Stasis and post Inception for raid buffs (e.g. cards), if applicable.
  • Don’t bother trying to bring DoTs through the downtimes, they are far too long.
  • Good Troubadour spots are for Tetrashatter + Flamethrowers in Inception, Incinerating Heat + first Mega Holy (cast Troubadour around when the 4th “pulse” of the stack marker happens), and of course J Waves.
  • You can Quick Nock both targets in J Waves by standing inside the hitbox of one and targeting the other. Naturally, Apex Arrow works as well. Rain of Death and Shadowbite do not work.
  • You should Iron Jaws Alex Prime just before J Waves – the DoTs don’t do damage to him but they do give Repertoire and Soul Voice.

P4 – Perfect Alexander

  • Song rotation: Again, you have two options, depending on when your party does the initial burst. These sync up after FCA.
  • Burst before mindjack: Open the Wanderer's Minuet as usual. Don’t precast pot. A sample opening sequence (Battle Voice + full Apex Arrow saved from previous phase) is Raging Strikes Stormbite the Wanderer's Minuet Battle Voice Caustic Bite pot Apex Arrow Empyreal Arrow Bloodletter etc. Follow with Mage's Ballad, then extend the Army's Paeon during FCA.
  • Burst after mindjack: Open Army's Paeon. Cut into the Wanderer's Minuet after 20s, roughly when the mindjack happens. Hold Raging Strikes/Pot/Battle Voice until after mindjack. Continue with Mage's Ballad, then you get ~5s of Army's Paeon just before the boss goes untargetable for FCA.
  • After FCA: Normal song rotation. You should have the Wanderer's Minuet after every untargetability phase; if not, you are probably using it too early and losing time to untargetability.
  • DoTs can be brought through FCA downtime, and in fact this should naturally happen with standard Iron Jaws. Don’t bother on FCB downtime.
  • Good Troubadour spots are the first Optical Sights, and of course Irresistible Graces. If for whatever reason you don’t need it on Irresistible Grace, you can use it to cover the damage in FCB.
  • If your party is ok doing final burst as the first jails start appearing, you can hold Battle Voice until after FCA, which syncs it up with 2 minute buffs without losing a use of 2 minute buffs

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