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Astrologian Opener

Cards and Divination Buffs

Astrologians are able to buff their party’s damage through single target Cards and an AoE Divination.

To optimize theses buffs, different conditions must be met:

  • Cards must be played on the correct role for maximum damage.
    Melee cards on Melee DPS and Tanks
    Ranged cards on Ranged DPS and Healers
  • Buff your Divination with 3 unique seals.
    Use Play, Minor Arcana and Redraw to fill your divination gauge with 3 unique seals before executing Divination.
  • Turn any remaining card into a Lord or Lady of Crowns with Minor Arcana.
    After securing 3 unique seals, play any cards you draw as a Lord of Crowns or Lady of Crowns with Minor Arcana. Repeat until your next Divination.

Astrologian Gauge

Astrologian Cards

Prepull Recommendations

This is all highly encounter (and composition) dependent! The ideal prepull casts vary widely from fight to fight, and are impacted by party composition and cooldown planning.

Earthly Star, Aspected Helios, Aspected Benefic, and Celestial Intersection are pretty much always good to use prepull though.

  • If possible, time Earthly Star to heal early raidwide damage. Otherwise use it for damage and tank healing.
  • For Horoscope, if used in opener, time it to heal early damage.
  • If possible, time {!Nocturnal Sect} Aspected casts so shields don’t fall off before damage hits.
  • The effect of both {!Nocturnal Sect} and {!Diurnal sect}s can stack if you swap prepull. The swap may save heals depending on encounter.
  • If you’re playing as Nocturnal AST, {!Diurnal Sect} and {!Nocturnal Sect} are swapped here.
  • Tinctures of mind are good for pushing enrage or reclears, but the value of Super-Ethers can’t be understated. Free 1800 mp! They both share a cooldown.

Action Legend

Hover icon for full tooltips!

{!Sleeve Draw; icon} Sleeve Draw
Earthly Star
{!Nocturnal Sect; icon} Nocturnal Sect
{!Diurnal Sect; icon} Diurnal Sect
Neutral Sect
Aspected Helios
Aspected Benefic
Celestial Intersection
Malefic IV
Combust III
Tincture of Mind

Simple Opener

Here’s a beginner opener that ignores seals, and allows you to press the same buttons every time. Even without using Redraw, this opener still manages an optimal divination 67% of the time.

  • Draw immediately after loading into the instance.
  • Since patch 5.3, {!Sleeve Draw} only gives you 1 card and therefore 1 seal.
  • You will need Draw to be off cooldown when the boss is pulled to get 3 cards and 3 seals. This will allow you to play your Divination in the opener at the right time.
  • Chain pulls (when the boss is pulled immediately after the party respawns) prevents executing this opener. Draw won’t be off cooldown in time, delaying your divination.
    In progression, this is fine! Don’t make your group wait; practice mechanics. But outside of progression, it’s fair to ask Tanks to wait ~15s after loading in before starting the countdown, to get a proper opener and a divination aligned with other raid buffs.

Full Opener

  • This is the ideal opener to optimize your Divination – but don’t overwhelm yourself if it’s too hard to execute; it requires quick thinking to weave properly without clipping. Keep in mind as well that Redraw has a short recast time, which wakes weaving two Redraws in a single weave window without clipping extra finnicky, on even moderate ping.
  • What do the statistical outcomes of the flowchart tell us? 93.3% of the time you will get a 6% divination with a single Redraw in the opener and 99.7% of the time with 3 redraws. The odds are incredibly in our favor, and getting an optimal div out isn’t a worry.
  • If your party bursts/buffs earlier, it might be better to 5% div earlier instead of redrawing for a late 6% div. While fishing for a 6% div is optimal, keeping buffs aligned in opener and on 2 minute bursts is crucial. Party buffs are multiplicative, and get extra value from being synced together.
  • The more you know about each job’s rotations the more you can make educated decisions on who and when to card, and timing your Divination to optimize damage.
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