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The Minstrel’s Ballad: Zodiark’s Fall (Extreme) Guide

Guide for Zodiark EX
Zeva’sae Kaisteile, SaltedXIV et al.
Table of Contents
This is a guide for the (Extreme) trail The Minstrel’s Ballad: Zodiark’s Fall. It was released in patch 6.0 and recommends an item level of 560. The party DPS needed to clear this fight is around 30,000.


Phase 1

Exoterikos + Esoterikos
Paradeigma + Algedon
Paradeigma + Exoterikos + Astral Flow
Paradeigma + Adikia

Phase 2

Roiling Darkness spawn
Arcane Sigils set 1
Arcane Sigils set 2
Arcane Sigils set 3

Phase 3

Astral Eclipse
Triple Esoteric Ray
Paradeigma + Astral Flow
Paradeigma + Astral Flow
Trimorphos Exoterikos
Astral Eclipse
Paradeigma + Exoterikos + Astral Flow
Exoterikos + Triple Esoteric Ray
Paradeigma + Exoterikos + Astral Flow
Trimorphos Exoterikos
Paradeigma + Exoterikos + Astral Flow

Fight Mechanics

All party members reduced to 1 HP.

Spawns any of the following which perform the respective AoE:

  • Birds – Donut AoE
  • Behemoths – Circular AoE
  • Snakes -Line AoE

Party stack that hits multiple times. First time is 6 hits,. afterwards it goes up by one every time it is casted.

AoE Tankbuster and swap. Applies a debuff to the tank it is targeting that makes them take more damage from his attacks.

One of two sigils appear at a side of the arena:

  • A purple triangle indicates a cone AOE from the center of that side
  • A red square which will hit the half of the arena closest to it

Applies the same possible sigils as Exoterikos, however these originate and orient to the front of the arena.

Zodiark moves to one corner on the front of the arena and does a line AoE from that spot. If a player is hit by the AoE they will be knocked off the platform.

AoE damage that applies a bleed on all players.

Players are locked floating above the arena. Zodiark rotates the platform and anything directly on the floor by 90 degrees according to the direction the arrows around the arena are pointing.

Zodiark punches the arena with two big AoEs making the safe spots be north or south.

Three sets of stars (meteors) will be shown in the sky. They will crash into the arena where they are shown.

Three rays will be cast from Zodiark. One in the middle and two on the side. The rays on the side go off at the same time. Watch the Arcane Sigils Esoteric Ray cast to know when to move.

The East, West and South sides of the arena will have a Sigil appear. These can spawn in any pattern and will be either square or triangle. 

AoE originating from a sigil. Hits the half the arena closest to it.

Conal AoE originating from where the sigil appears.

Splash AoE on all players.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

The fight opens with Zodiark using Kokytos, reducing the entire party’s HP down to 1. Healers will need to heal everyone up by the time Styx comes out. He will then cast Paradeigma and summon four birds at each intercardinal position on the arena. Players will need to move together to one of the northern birds to be stacked for the following Styx cast, a multi-hit stack marker that starts off with six hits. Following Styx, Zodiark will cast Ania and perform a tank buster, make sure not to be near the tank being hit as the attack is a small AoE. Tanks will need to perform a tank swap during the cast as the tank that gets hit with Ania will take increased damage from Zodiark’s auto attacks..

Zodiark will now cast Exoterikos, selecting either the left or right side of the arena to mark with a sigil, this one always being a Triangle. He then follows this up with Esoterikos, marking the north side with a sigil, this one being either a Square or a Triangle. If it is a Triangle, you can remain against the wall where the first sigil was replaced and continue DPSing. If it’s a Square, you will need to be against the wall where the first sigil was placed still, but be on the southern half of the arena.

Zodiark will cast Paradeigma, spawning 2 birds and 2 Behemoths. He will then move to either the Northwest or Northeast corner of the arena and start charging Algedon. Players will need to move to the bird that is not in line with the boss, which does include part of the safe bird’s safe zone so players will want to be on the outer edge of the safe zone of the donut. Next is Phobos, a hard hitting raid wide that will apply a damaging bleed debuff to all party members.

Zodiark will then cast Paradeigma, spawning two snakes on the edge of the arena, and then Exoterikos and mark the left or right side with another Sigil, this sigil is random and can be either square or triangle. He will then cast Astral Flow, rotating the entire arena and the snakes 90 degrees. Players will need to dodge the snakes while keeping in mind the rotation of the platform, where the snakes are and what sigil has been put out. Zodiark will then cast Ania once more, the tank will take a buster and perform a tank swap.

Zodiark will cast Paradigma again, spawning two snakes on the east or west side of the arena. He will then start casting Adikia. Players will need to move to dodge both the snake AoEs and the Adikia AoE. If there is a snake far north, players will move to be slightly north of the middle of the arena. If there isn’t a snake far north, players will move out of the snakes AoE, ideally far north.

Phase 2 - Adds

Four Roiling Darkness adds will spawn. Melees should focus the two orbs closest to the boss while the ranged should focus the far two orbs. Caster or Physical Ranged DPS could LB here to kill the orbs faster if they so choose.

During this phase, Zodiark will create three sets of sigils in a random order. The three patterns are:

  • Esoteric Rays down the sides with a Triangle in the middle
  • Esoteric Ray down the center with a Triangle on each side
  • Esoteric Rays down the sides with a Square in the middle

Melees are able to keep uptime on the orbs during the patterns with Triangles by standing closer to the Triangle than the line. Once all four of the Roiling Darkness adds are dead, Zodiark will perform Apomnemoneumata which is raid wide damage based on the duty gauge [Zodiarks Power] percentage filled and transitions out of the add phase.

Phase 3

Zodiark will return as targetable for about 5-6 GCDs before becoming untargetable again and casts Astra Eclipse. He will fly around the arena in a counter clockwise fashion and reveal three patterns of stars. The positioning of the stars is relevant in the direction you are facing them. If you are facing west and there is a star in the top middle, that is the east square with the bottom star being the west square for example. . If you are having a problem visualizing which star hits which square, visualize a page of a book closing being flipped over. Players will need to identify the two safe zones in each pattern and move accordingly. Being hit with a star will result in death. After the second star pattern resolves, Zodiark will be charging Triple Esoteric Ray. After you resolve the final star pattern, move to the Ray that spawned second to dodge the first one then move to where they shot to dodge the second one. You can watch the cast bars to make it easier to know when to move.

Zodiark will cast Paradigma once again, spawning two birds and two Behemoths. He will then follow this with Astral Flow which now has an additional mechanic added to it, a line connecting two of the spawn creatures together. When the arena rotates, all area this line traverses is covered in fire causing damage. Players will need to move to a Behemoth and position themselves to be both within the donut of the bird that rotates to them will produce, but also far enough over to not be caught by the line. Zodiark will then perform his third cast of Ania, tanks will take a buster and tank swap again.

Zodiark will now cast Exoterikos and mark the left or right side of the arena with a Sigil, this one always being a Square, and then move to the Northwest or Northeast corner for Algedon. Move appropriately to dodge both AoEs.

Next is another cast of Paradeigma, summoning four birds and two snakes, followed by Astral Flow and the fire line. Players will need to move themselves to either of the birds and position themselves to dodge both the snake AoEs and the fire line after the arena has rotated. Ideally the whole party goes to the same bird to be stacked for the Styx cast that follows, this time hitting seven times.

After Styx, Zodiark will cast Trimorphos Exoterikos, marking the West, East, and South sides of the arena with a Sigil that will resolve in the same order as they are placed. Players will need to move accordingly to whichever pattern is created. Zodiark will follow this up with another Adikia cast, move to the center of the arena and then move north to dodge the following punches.

Zodiark will now start the second instance of Astral Eclipse. This is handled the same way as the first instance of it except instead of Triple Esoteric Ray he instead uses Algedon, moving to his chosen Northeast or Northwest corner once the second star pattern resolves. Algedon will resolve shortly after the third star pattern so be ready to move quickly. This is all followed by another Ania tank buster.

Zodiark casts Paradigma again, summoning two snakes, and then casts Exoterikos followed by Astral Flow with a fire line. Move accordingly to dodge the Sigil, snake AoE, and fire line.

After the arena finishes rotation, Zodiark will cast Phlegethon. This will place AoEs under players three times. The first set gets paced as the Snakes are going off. Players will need to move as a party to avoid clipping each other and to be prepared for the next Styx party stack which will happen after all three Phlegethons get places. This Styx hits eight times.

Zodiark will cast Exterikos, this one is always a cone,  followed up byTriple Esoteric Ray. The Sigil will resolve the same time as the first set of rays are fired, move accordingly. Following this is another Paradigma, summoning two birds and two Behemoths, followed by Exoterikos targeting the southern side of the arena with the Square. He then casts Astral Flow with the fire line. Move to a Behemoth on the northern side of the arena and position yourself to avoid the fire line. Zodiark will then cast Phobos which will deal heavy damage and apply a damaging bleed debuff. 

Zodiark will cast Trimorphos Exoterikos again, marking both the East, West and South sides of the area with a Sigil that will resolve in the same order as they are placed. He will follow this up by moving to the Northwest or Northeast corver for another cast of Algedon while the third Sigil is resolving, move accordingly. He will cast Styx after this so make sure that players move together to stack quicker. This Styx hits nine times.

Zodiark will now cast Paradigma, summoning four birds and two snakes, followed by Exoterikos marking the southern wall with a Square. He will then cast Astral Flow to rotate the arena once more. Move to one of the two northern birds and position yourself to dodge both the fire line and snakes after the arena rotates. The party will want to move to the same bird again to be stacked for the following Styx cast which will hit nine times.

Zodiark will then start casting Apomnemoneumata, this is the enrage. If he is not defeated before he finishes the cast, the party will die.

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