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Lyra Rose
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This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating The Warrior of Light in The Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme).

The Warrior of Light (WoL) is the penultimate fight in the Shadowbringers saga, available August 10, 2020 in Patch 5.3. Players must have completed the Quest “Hope’s Confluence” and talk to The Minstreling Wanderer in Crystarium (X:7.5 Y:12.5). Players must be item level 480 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.



One of:
i495 Light Weapon


Gwiber of Light Trumpet
Faded Copy of To the Edge


Totem of Light
Ten tokens can be traded in for a weapon of your choosing.


Pre-pull Preparation

Assign each player to a cardinal/intercardinal position for Earthshakers. Additionally, assign a pair of DPS + T/H to each intercardinal position for stacking and mechanic purposes. These pairs will go east and west of the boss for certain 4/4 split mechanics.

Mechanic Overview

Limit Break

Limit Break is a major mechanic of the fight. During certain Limit Break mechanics, the WoL will have an LB bar appear above his head. The number of bars filled when the boss casts Limit Break corresponds to the mechanic he is about to do.

The WoL targets one tank, one healer, and one DPS with a giant physical conal AoE.

The WoL targets both healers with an invisible stack market that must be shared. The marker deals physical damage and inflicts a physical vuln stack, meaning players cannot be hit by both stacks.

The WoL targets all four DPS or tanks and healers with Radiant Meteor, which is a giant invisible AoE marker resolving at the end of the cast bar. This AoE inflicts Fire Resistance Down, meaning players cannot get hit by more than one AoE.

The Warrior of Light’s Ultimate attack. Tank LB3 and mitigation is required to survive. This also serves as the enrage.

Imbued Saber

The WoL charges his blade with magic. The type of magic shown depicts what attack he will use when he uses Imbued Coruscance, with no indicator.

  • Earth: Absolute Stone III
  • Light: Absolute Holy
  • Fire: Absolute Fire III
  • Ice: Absolute Blizzard III

Marks players with Earthshakers. This will shoot a conal AoE at them that deals moderate magical damage.

A stack marker that deals magical damage.

Inflicts players with the Pyretic debuff for 3 seconds. Players cannot make any action while the debuff is active or they take heavy damage.

If players are not moving during when the castbar resolves, they are inflicted with Deep Freeze, taking heavy damage over time and being unable to move or take action.

Specter of Light

The WoL summons multiple adds that do their own mechanics. The type of mechanics depends on the add that is summoned: NIN, DRK  + BRD, SMN + WAR, or BLM + WHM.

  • Katon: San: Stack marker on 4 DPS. Inflicts Fire Resistance Down II.
  • Suiton: San: Summons a water fountain at the edge of the arena that knocks back. Knockback preventions do apply.
  • Blade of Shadow: A heavy physical tankbuster.
  • Deep Darkside: Grants a damage up buff. Must be interrupted.
  • Brimstone Earth: Marks four DPS players. When the castbar resolves, they will drop an expanding puddle. The puddles should not be allowed to touch, or they will explode.
  • Deluge of Death: A proximity marker on three players – a tank, healer, and DPS.
  • Flare Breath: Summons four dragons at intercardinals. These will tether onto a random player, inflicting Fire Resistance Down II and dealing light magic damage in a conal AoE towards them.
  • Fatal Cleave: A heavy physical tankbuster.
  • Berserk: Grants a damage up buff. Must be interrupted.
  • Perfect Decimation: Marks four players. Deals moderate damage in a conal AoE towards them.
  • Meteor Impact: Summons eight towers that must be soaked by two players each. Soaking a tower inflicts Fire Resistance Down II and deals light magic damage. If a tower is not soaked, the raid takes magic damage and gets vuln and damage down stacks.

General Fight Mechanics

The WoL reduces all players HP to 1, as well as inflicting them with a debuff called True Walking Dead, which kills them when it resolves. This must be dispelled by healing players to full health.

The WoL instantly fills all three bars of Limit Break.

An AoE appearing under all party members except the MT.

A donut AoE or point blank AoE, depending on the animation of the WoL’s sword during the castbar. If there are circles around the sword, it is a donut AoE, while if there are orbs around the boss, it is a point blank AoE.

The WoL summons three swords, which move around the arena indicating triangle AoEs. The safe spot will be on the wall where the swords did not go through, left or right in the middle – but not in the middle.

An eye marker on one random player. Players must look away from that player when the castbar resolves.

The WoL summons a Wyrm to divebomb half the arena.

A heavy physical tank buster on the current MT that inflicts a physical vulnerability up debuff. A tank swap is required.

Heavy magical raidwide damage.

A donut AoE or a point blank AoE – the same as Imbued Coruscance, but with no Imbued effect.

Casts all four Imbued Saber mechanics and Absolute Flash in a random order.

Phase Mechanics

Phase 1

Terror Unleashed
To the Limit (LB3)
Solemn Confiteor
Absolute Stone III
Limit Break (LB3 – Radiant Meteor)
Imbued Saber (Holy)
Imbued Saber (Fire or Ice)
Imbued Coruscance
To the Limit (LB2)
Sword of Light
Absolute Holy
Limit Break (LB2 – Radiant Desperado)
To the Limit (LB1)
Imbued Saber (Holy)
Imbued Saber (Ice or Fire – opposite of first)
Imbued Coruscance (opposite of first)
Limit Break (LB1 – Radiant Braver)
The Bitter End
Summon Wyrm
Solemn Confiteor
Absolute Flash
Elddragon Dive
Specter of Light

Phase 2 - Adds Phase

Spectral Warrior + Spectral Dark Knight spawn
Fatal Cleave + Blade of Shadow
Deluge of Death (four DPS)
Katon: San (both healers)
Meteor Impact (two in middle)
Deep Darkside + Berserk
Flare Breath x4
Fatal Cleave + Blade of Shadow
Fatal Cleave + Blade of Shadow
Ultimate Crossover

Phase 3

Specter of Light
Sword of Light
Elddragon Dive
Specter of Light
Specter of Light
Specter of Light
Limit Break

Enrage is a long casted Ultimate Crossover, filling all four boss LB bars, that instantly kills the party.

Spector of Light Mechanics

In Phase 3 the WoL will summon spectors of light in random order. Each comes with their own set of mechanics and each will be summoned once.

Spectral Summoner + Spectral Warrior

Imbued Saber (Fire or Ice)
Specter of Light
Solemn Confiteor
Flare Breath (4 DPS OR T+H) + Perfect Decimation (T + H OR 4 DPS)
Solemn Confiteor
Flare Breath (T+H OR 4DPS) + Perfect Decimation (4 DPS OR T + H) (opposite of before)
Summon Wyrm
Imbued Coruscance
Elddragon Dive
The Bitter End

Spectral Ninja

Imbued Saber (Earth or Light)
Specter of Light
Solemn Confiteor
Suiton: San
Katon: San
Imbued Coruscance
Elddragon Dive

Spectral Dark Knight + Spectral Bard

To the Limit
Specter of Light
Solemn Confiteor
Brimstone Earth
Deluge of Death + Absolute Holy
Limit Break

Spectral Black Mage + Spectral White Mage

To the Limit
Specter of Light
Meteor Impact x8
Summon Wyrm
Coruscant Saber
Limit Break

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

  • The boss will start with a white hole mechanic, forcing healers to use all their tools in the first 15 seconds. Heal the party up to cleanse the debuff.
  • Stack behind to bait Solemn Confiteor, then move to clock positions for Absolute Stone III. Heal up afterwards.
  • Move to designated intercardinal edges for Radiant Meteor. It snapshots as the castbar finishes.
  • The boss then casts two sets of Imbued Saber. Both these mechanics will execute once Imbued Coruscance finishes. Therefore, you will have to watch out for three things: stack or clock positions, move or stop, and in or out.
  • To find the safe spot for Sword of Light, find the edge of the arena that did not have a sword cross over it. Go to that edge, and go left or right of the centre, as that area is unsafe. Go early to ensure everyone stacks in the same place for Absolute Holy.
Sword of Light diagram
The blue circles indicate the safe spots.
  • Right afterwards, heal up and split into two groups for Radiant Desperado, east and west of the boss.
  • Do another set of Imbued mechanics. It will be the opposite of the first one.
  • Go to clock spots for Radiant Braver.
    • Alternatively, have tanks North, healers East or West, and DPS South, like Tsukuyomi EX.
  • Mitigate and tank swap for The Bitter End.
  • Stack afterwards for Solemn Confiteor, and move across the boss to the safe side. The player marked for Absolute Flash should stand behind everyone else relative to the boss, so the rest of the party can keep attacking the boss without looking away.
  • Heal through Elddragon Dive and prepare for adds phase.

Phase 2 - Adds Phase

  • Adds phase is very dancelike. Players must soak different mechanics based on their role.
  • There are currently two methods of doing adds phase right now.
    • The first is more popular, and involves DPS soaking towers and tanks/healers getting Flare Breath.
    • The second involves melee soaking towers and ranged getting Flare Breath. I prefer the second, and you can see this writeup by Clees on why.
  • Players will split into 4/4 groups east and west, with each group having 1 tank, 1 healer, and preferably at least 1 ranged DPS.
  • Each tank should pick up their add and drag them east and west, far enough such that they do not tether together.
  • DPS should head to their intercardinal spot after the marker appears on their head.
  • The tank and melee DPS on each side will soak the meteor in the middle, while the ranged DPS will stack with the healer at the edge.
  • The tanks need to mitigate the tank buster and interrupt the castbar of Deep Darkside or Berserk. Ranged should be ready to help if needed.
  • Right afterwards, the healer and ranged DPS will go pick up Flare Breath tethers and point them towards the outside of the arena.
  • Mitigate the final tank buster, heal up, and LB3 Ultimate Crossover to transition into the final phase.

Phase 3

  • This phase is split up into several Specter of Light sections. Each section has its own mechanics and differs in pacing, much like Thordan EX. The order in which the WoL summons Specters is random, but the mechanics within the Specters is constant.
  • After the first Specter, he will cast Quintuplecast. This is all four Imbued elemental mechanics in a random order, plus an Absolute Flash. Do the mechanics properly and mitigate/heal accordingly.
  • After Quintuplecast, head to the safe spot for Sword of Light, and then heal through Elddragon Dive. There is no stack in this part.
  • He then summons the other three Specters and goes into Enrage at the end.

Spectral Summoner + Spectral Warrior

  • The tell for this phase is an Imbued Saber cast with Fire or Ice.
  • Players need to stack bait Solemn Confiteors in the middle, then spread out to their intercardinals in their DPS/T+H pair.
  • If the player is not marked with Perfect Decimation, they need to take the Flare Breath marker and aim it towards the intercardinal edge.
  • The player marked with Perfect Decimation must rotate clockwise to aim their conal AoE at the cardinal edge.
  • Move in to bait Solemn Confiteor, heal up, and repeat. The roles are reversed this time.
  • Do the Imbued Coruscance + Imbued Saber mechanic from previously, except half the arena will be cut off by a divebomb. Therefore, move to the safe half of the arena to do those mechanics.
  • Mitigate and heal through Elddragon Dive and The Bitter End.

Spectral Ninja

  • The tell for this phase is an Imbued Saber cast with Earth or Light.
  • Bait Solemn Confiteor in the middle of the boss, then move to intercardinals with your DPS/T+H pair. Use Surecast/Arms Length on Suiton: San, and then stay stacked for Katon: San.
    • Alternatively, line up where the knockback is coming from with DPS/H+T partners, and get knocked back. This strategy is worse than using knockback prevention to gain uptime, and doing so carries virtually no risk compared to things like Uptime Mirror in E8S.
  • Do the Imbued Coruscance + Imbued Saber mechanic, then heal through Elddragon Dive.

Spectral Dark Knight + Spectral Bard

  • The tell for this phase is To the Limit.
  • Bait Solemn Confiteor, and move out. Four DPS should move to their intercardinal edge once marked with Brimstone Earth.
  • Absolute Holy should stay stacked in the middle. As Deluge of Death targets one tank, one healer, and one DPS, the tank should go North, the healer should go East or West, and the DPS should go south.
  • Heal up and do the Limit Break mechanic, based on how many bars of Limit Break the boss has.

Spectral Black Mage + Spectral White Mage

  • The tell for this phase To the Limit.
  • Eight meteors will spawn. The first four will always be cardinal or intercardinal, and the last four will be the opposite. Therefore, go to intercardinal spots with your DPS/T+H pairing. If they spawn intercardinal, stay, and if they spawn cardinal, rotate clockwise one spot.
  • After the first four are soaked, soak the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eight in the order the first four were soaked in.
    • 1st soak takes 5th, 2nd soak takes 6th, 3rd soak takes 7th, and 4th soak takes 8th
  • Afterwards, do Coruscant Saber while being on the safe side of the arena as there is a Summon Wyrm divebomb. There is no Imbued mechanic with the in/out.
  • Then do the Limit Break mechanic based on how many bars of Limit Break the boss has.

PUG Strategy


This macro currently contains all the strats used in this guide:

Role Specific Tips


  • Use Reprisal on raid AoEs such as Elddragon Dive, and tank busters such as The Bitter End.
  • The Bitter End only requires one 120s CD such as Sentinel, as a tank swap is required and there is no incoming damage afterwards.
  • Use tank shields for periods of heavy damage or mechanics that people may fail, such as Absolute Fire III or Absolute Holy.
  • You must silence the Deep Darkside or Berserk cast during adds phase.
  • The boss jumps to the middle after each mechanic, so positioning is not as important.
  • Do not forget to Tank LB3 Ultimate Crossover. You can press it one or two seconds after the popup saying you need to LB3 appears.


  • The boss starts with a White Hole mechanic. Pre-plan your healing such that you need minimal healing GCDs to get through it – use Earthly Star, Horoscope, Plenary Indulgence, Cure III on the party, and Benediction on the MT, for example.
  • Nothing in this fight is lethal from full HP except instant fail mechanics, so make sure to mitigate and top before mechanics for safety.


  • Use Feint on tank busters such as The Bitter End, or Fatal Cleave/Blade of Shadow.
  • Use Addle on Elddragon Dive.
  • Most mechanics do not require you to be at the very edge, but go far enough so that you are safe. Save gapclosers for returning to the boss.

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