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Castrum Marinum (Extreme)

Emerald Weapon Extreme Guide
Table of Contents


In Castrum Marinum (Extreme) players face off the Emerald Weapon, a fight in the Sorrow of Werlyt storyline. 

This fight was added with patch 5.4 on December 7, 2020. To unlock it, players must complete the quest Blood of Emerald and speak with the Warmachina Fanatic in the Lochs (X:11.5 Y:22.5). An item level of 500 or higher is required to enter. 



One of:
i515 Emerald Weapon


Emerald Gwiber Trumpet
Faded Copy of the Black Wolf Strikes Again
Emerald Plating


Emerald Totem
Ten tokens can be traded in for a weapon of your choosing.


Phase 1

Emerald Shot
Optimized Ultima
Aetheroplasm Production
Emerald Beam
Magitek Magnetism
Magitek Magnetism
Photon Burst
Emerald Beam
Optimized Ultima
Bit Storm
Divide Et Impera
Aire Tam Storm
Magitek Magnetism
Pulse Laser
Optimized Ultima
Bit Storm
Divide Et Impera
Optimized Ultima
Full-Power Optimized Ultima

Enrage is a long casted Full-Power Optimized Ultima that occurs ~5:36 into the fight and wipes the party.

Phase 2

Divide Et Impera
Primus Terminus Est
Tertius Terminus Est
Legio Phantasmastis
Mechanized Maneuver
Optimized Ultima
Divide Et Impera
Tertius Terminus Est
Sidescathe OR Expire
Emerald Crush OR Aire Tam Storm
Legio Phantasmatis
Mechanized Maneuver
Rank and File
Secundus Terminus Est
Tertius Terminus Est
Expire OR Sidescathe
Aire Tam Storm OR Emerald Crush
Primus Terminus Est
Divide Et Impera
Full-power Optimized Ultima

Enrage is a long casted Full-power Optimized Ultima that wipes the party.

Fight Mechanics

This section will be repopulated as soon as possible.

General Fight Mechanics

A moderate raidwide magical AoE.

A tankbuster on the MT that needs to be shared or invulned. It will also deal damage to DPS and healers in one of two ways:

  • In phase one, non-tanks will have to spread as they will have an unmarked AoE on them.
  • In phase two, non-tanks will be targeted with a thin conal AoE, so they should spread around the boss.

The two halves of the boss will split. If the top half remains, it will do Sidescathe. If the bottom half remains, it will do Expire.

Cleaves one half the arena – it will glow on that half.

A circle AoE around the boss.

An AoE marker that will expand.

Phase One

A moderate damage magical tankbuster on the MT.

The Emerald Weapon will spawn eight orbs at cardinal and intercardinal edges. These will either be yellow or purple. These orbs require two players each to soak the damage. Players cannot soak more than one of the same coloured orb:

  • Yellow orbs deal physical damage and inflict a physical vulnerability up debuff.
  • Purple orbs deal magical damage and inflict a magic vulnerability up debuff.

The Emerald Weapon will shoot rotating conal AoEs in the front and back, as well as expanding ring AoEs. Move along the rotation to dodge.

The Emerald Weapon will spawn mines on the arena. These will explode after they finish counting down. These mines can be pushed or pulled apart from each other if they have a magnet symbol above them. Opposites attract, and same repels.

A magical proximity marker on both tanks. These must be taken away from the party in safe spots from Magitek Magnetism mines. The safe spot does not change for tanks.

The Emerald Weapon will summon its hands around the arena. It will then do an untelegraphed donut AoE around it.

Two players will receive a marker on their head. When it resolves, the Emerald Weapon will cast a line AoE at them.

Phase Two

All non-tanks are marked with an arrow. When the castbar resolves, they will be pushed back across the arena in the direction of their arrow, emitting a line AoE. This will inflict a physical vulnerability debuff.

All non-healers will receive a cross shape or an X shape under their feet. When it expires, it will do AoE damage and drop a sword under them. This sword will do a line AoE in a cross or X.

The Emerald Weapon will summon swords that drop down into the arena in three sets. These swords will shoot AoEs in either a cross shape or an X shape. Players will have to dodge these AoEs.

A knockback from a marker.

The Emerald Weapon will disappear and the Black Wolf’s Image will take its place. This will cast several mechanics. Damage dealt to the image will be dealt to the Emerald Weapon after it returns.

The Black Wolf’s Image will summon airships at the west side of the arena. These will shoot circle AoEs across the arena in the order of dots above their head. It will also summon an airship south that casts Magitek Cannon at the end of the sequence, which knocks back from a marker.

Deals moderate damage to a non-MT player.

Summons soldiers north of the arena, which will shoot a line AoE across the arena. There will be one column with a soldier missing to dodge in.


The owner of this guide requested removal of this content without providing a location of replacement material. They would prefer to harm the playerbase and continue supporting a corrupt community. 

Until they actually provide their guide elsewhere, I suggest accessing it on the wayback machine’s cached version here:

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