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This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating The Shadowkeeper in Eden’s Promise: Litany (Savage)

The Shadowkeeper is the second raid encounter in the Eden’s Promise raid, available December 7, 2020 in Patch 5.4. Players must have completed the Quest “Where I Belong” and talk to Lewrey in Amh Araeng (X:26.8, Y:16.4). Players must be item level 505 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.


Chest One

One of:
Edenmorn Head Gear Coffer
Edenmorn Hand Gear Coffer
Edenmorn Foot Gear Coffer

Chest Two

One of:
Edenmorn Head Gear Coffer
Edenmorn Hand Gear Coffer
Edenmorn Foot Gear Coffer


Book of Litany
Six tokens can be traded for a Head, Hand, or Foot gear of your choosing.
Four tokens can be traded for an item to upgrade tome accessories.


The Shadowkeeper is an 11:20 encounter and has a DPS check of roughly 111.5k.

Pre-pull Preparation

Assign each player to a clock spot. In addition, assign each player to an intercardinal position, a partner of an opposite role at intercardinal positions, and east/west groups.

Mechanic Overview

The Shadowkeeper

The Shadowkeeper has two forms: the blade form where he stands on his hind legs, and the dog form, where she stands on all fours. Switching forms performs a mechanic.

The Shadowkeeper will draw her blade and stand up, doing a large circle AoE around her.

The Shadowkeeper will revert to her dog form, emitting a knockback.

Whenever the Shadowkeeper casts either Giga Slash or Implosion, the effect will never come from the boss herself. Instead, a shadow will appear that casts it for her. The direction the shadow is facing is indicated by where it is relative to the arena. If the shadow is south, then it will be facing north, if the shadow is east, then it will be facing west, and so on and so forth.

Either the tail or mouth of the Shadowkeeper will light up. If the mouth lights up, she will cast Forward Implosion from her shadow. If the tail lights up, she will cast Backwards Implosion from her shadow.

The Shadowkeeper will cleave the left or right side of the arena based on where he is holding his blade.

General Fight Mechanics

A raidwide magical AoE that deals high damage.

The Shadowkeeper will slash the MT four times, cleaving in front of her and dealing physical damage. This applies a magic vulnerability debuff as well as one stack of slashing resistance down debuff per hit.

This will always immediately follow Umbra Smash. A large line AoE at the MT that deals physical slashing damage. As one tank will have slashing resistance down debuff, a tank swap is necessary.

This will always immediately follow Umbra Smash. High AoE damage on the MT that must be soaked with the party. As the MT will have a magic vuln debuff, a tank swap is necessary.

A conal AoE at all players. It will leave a shadow of the player where the player was hit. This shadow will have no dots, one dot, two dots, or three dots over its head. This will deal moderate magical damage to the player in the order of the dots. Players without dots will take no magic damage.

The Shadowkeeper will target one of the players with no dots over their shadow with a stack marker. This stack marker will go off three times, dealing moderate magical damage each time.

This will spawn a shadow behind all players. It will then cleave towards where the player was when the shadow was spawned.

This will target four players with a shadow arrow marker, similar to the boss. This will spawn a shadow that will imitate what the boss is doing – namely Giga Slash. The direction of the shadow arrow relative to the player is where the shadow will be facing. This direction cannot be changed.

The Shadowkeeper will spawn four shadows at each cardinal. These will rotate five times, but the fifth rotation may differ from the previous four.

The tethered shadow to the boss will do a full room AoE in front of her. This will follow Spawn Shadow, so stand behind the shadow after they have rotated.

The Shadowkeeper will spawn four large shadow puddles intercardinally. A shadow circle will go along the ground to two opposite puddles. These will emit a large AoE, then the other two afterwards. Dodge the giant AoEs by moving from one safe spot to the other. The intercardinals with the curved line will always be safe first.

The Shadowkeeper will spawn voidgates at cardinal or intercardinal positions. These inflict a light bleed DoT to any players standing in them and the voidgate must be soaked by two players when the meteor comes down.

The Shadowkeeper will summon four more voidgates at each intercardinal edge.

An AoE marker over each player that does moderate magical damage. This marker leaves behind a puddle. When a pllayer walks into a puddle, a shadow will spawn.

Phase Mechanics

Phase 1

Deepshadow Nova
Throne of Shadow
Giga Slash
Umbra Smash
Shadow’s Edge or Darkness Unleashed
Shadow Cleave
Umbra Smash
Shadow’s Edge or Darkness Unleashed
Shadow Servant (T/H or DPS)
Giga Slash
Shadow Servant (DPS or T/H)
Giga Slash
Distant Scream
Umbral Orbs
Spawn Shadow
Shadow Warrior
Umbral Orbs
Deepshadow Nova
Fade to Shadow
Deepshadow Nova
Implosion x4

Phase 2

Deepshadow Nova
Throne of Shadow
Umbra Smash
Shadow’s Edge or Darkness Unleashed
Shadow Servant
Giga Slash
Shadow Servant
Giga Slash
Pitch Bog
Distant Scream
Umbral Orbs
Implosion x2
Deepshadow Nova
Shackled Apart
Fade to Shadow
Umbral Orbs

Phase 3

Deepshadow Nova
Throne of Shadow
Pitch Bog
Giga Slash x4
Voidgate Amplifier
Shadowy Eruption
Shackled Together + Voidgate
Shadowy Eruption
Umbra Smash
Umbral Orbs
Distant Scream
Deepshadow Nova
Deepshadow Nova
Deepshadow Nova
Doom Arc (enrage)

Enrage is a 10s long casted Doom Arc.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1

  • Pre-shield and mitigate for the first Deepshadow Nova.
  • Dodge to the safe half of the arena for the first Implosion mechanic.
    • The location of the shadow relative to the middle of the arena will indicate where the shadow is facing. For example, if the boss is doing Forward Implosion and the shadow is east, then the shadow is facing west and would do Forward Implosion west. The party would go East.
    • For a premade group, it is easiest to have waymarks and call out the waymark you need to go to instead of a cardinal direction.
  • Run out for Throne of Shadow. Do this whenever she pulls her sword out and stands up.
  • Mitigate the first four hits of Umbra Smash. The OT should then provoke. The tank buster will cleave, so the OT must stand behind at first.
  • Afterwards, said tank should mitigate for Shadow’s Edge or stack with the group for Darkness Unleashed.
  • Each player should go to their clock spot at the edge to bait their shadow for Shadow Cleave, then run back into the middle.
    • All players should stand in the middle of the boss’s hitbox for soak Dualspell.
    • Dualspell will cast a shared AoE on the marked player thrice. These will be referred to as #1, #2, and #3.
    • Each player looks at the shadow they have dropped. They will either have no dot, one dot, two dots, or three dots.
    • The dot indicates which shared AoE they will not be a part of. For example, if a player has two dots, they would stand outside of the boss’s hitbox and thus out of the share for AoE #2.
  • After the AoE set, all players must run slightly away from the boss and look outwards as the Shadowkeeper cast finishes. Immediately after, run to the centre of the boss as the shadows will cleave in the direction you were facing.
    • Make sure not to face towards the centre of the arena.
  • Perform the next Umbra Smash > Shadow’s Edge/Darkness Unleashed combo
  • Shadow Servant will spawn a shadow on each player. This shadow will point towards one of the cardinal directions. This direction is what way the shadow will be facing for Giga Slash.
  • The four marked players must orient themselves such that the slashes cleave the outside of the arena, forming a safe box in the middle.
  • Marked players must move in slightly or else they will get cleaved.
  • Repeat this with the other set of four players.
  • Get knocked back to a diagonal corner (or a safe spot!) for Distant Scream. This occurs when the boss gets on all four legs again. You can use knockback prevention skills.
  • Split into groups to soak the Umbral Orbs. Tank need to mitigate and soak one purple orb each, while the other three players in each group need to soak a set of orange orbs. The orbs will detonate on the closest player, so players can stand in melee range while soaking them.
    • The east group of players should always default NE and the west group should always default SW. This way there is no confusion on which group is soaking which orb.
  • Note which shadow is tethered during Shadow Spawn. This is the shadow that you will have to run behind for Shadow Warrior.
  • While running to the edge for Shadow Warrior, Umbral Orbs will spawn. This will work the same as the previous in terms of stacking, but they will spawn in a line – therefore, the players will have to orient themselves in a line at the edge of the arena.
    • The east tank should always take the rightmost purple orb facing into the arena.
    • The west tank should always take the leftmost purple orb facing into the arena.
    • The east group should always take the rightmost orange orbs facing into the arena.
    • The west group should always take the leftmost orange orbs facing into the arena.
  • First, take note of what intercardinals are the safe spots for Fade in Shadow – move to the curved lines first. Next, there will be an Implosion on one half the arena that will cut off one of the safe spots. This will leave only one safe spot for the first set.
  • Dodge the second set of Fade in Shadow AoEs.
  • Return to the middle and heal up.
  • Dodge the four Implosions in a row.
  • Heal up and get ready for the next blade phase.

Phase 2

  • Run out when she pulls out her blade.
  • Tanks should mitigate Umbra Smash and perform the subsequent mechanic.
  • For the first Voidgate phase, players will have to perform Shadow Servant. The first and second set of Voidgates differ in timing.
    • For the first set of Voidgates, the roles unmarked with shadows will each claim one cardinal voidgate to soak. The roles with shadows will move to the cardinal voidgate that makes their shadow cleave the outside of the arena, making the inside of the arena safe.
    • For the second set of Voidgates, players should stack with their partner on the intercardinal voidgates, then quickly move to an area that makes their shadow cleave the outside of the arena, making the inside of the arena safe again.
  • Right after, heal up and prepare for Pitch Bog. These should be placed on the outside of the arena.
  • Get ready for Distant Scream and Umbral Orbs. Distant Scream is supposed to knock groups back into intercardinal Umbral Orbs, but it is easy to use knockback prevention skills here for uptime.
  • Right after, perform two Implosion mechanics.
  • Heal up for Deepshadow Nova.
  • For Shackled Apart, tanks and healers should go north and DPS should go south.
  • Move to your safe spot for the first Fade in Shadow. For the second safe spot, dodge in the direction of your Umbral Orbs soak.
  • Heal up for Deepshadow Nova and prepare for the final blade phase.

Phase 3

  • This final blade phase is a challenging dance that requires mechanical coordination throughout.
  • The core mechanic of this dance is placing shadows in extra voidgates in order to soak them.
  • There are multiple ways to perform this mechanic. Below I will describe the “safe strat”, and later I will link to the “uptime strat”, which has melee place their shadows in the middle.
    • The safe strat allows players to miss one set of towers and survive, albeit with a damage down. Melee uptime strats require perfect execution, or a wipe will occur.
  • The phase starts off with Pitch Bog. Players should place them as such:
e10s diagrams 1
  • Have each pair run out to their intercardinal position to drop the AoEs. Tanks and healers should default to north and south, so DPS are east and west.
  • Next, players will have to dodge four Giga Slashes in a row. Return to the middle after dropping your puddles. Heal up.
  • As the boss is casting Voidgate Amplifier, return to your puddle and soak it, creating a shadow. Run to the outside intercardinal voidgate and orient yourself so you are outside of the voidgate towards the middle, facing the middle.
  • After Shadowkeeper goes off, go to the middle and rotate clockwise to soak the inner tower.
  • Stay at the inner tower until Shadowy Eruption goes off to bait the AoEs.
  • Tanks and healers should then go to their designated cardinal voidgates. DPS adjust based on who they are Shackled Together to.
  • Tanks mitigate Umbra Smash and perform the subsequent mechanic.
  • Do the Umbral Orbs + Distant Scream the exact same as last time. Either get knocked back with your group or use knockback prevention.
  • Heal and mitigate through Deepshadow Nova spam into enrage, which is a long casted Doom Arc that wipes the party.

PUG Strategy

All resources can be found on the Salted XIV Encounter page for this fight here.

Most pugs will follow the instructions given in this guide, as they are fairly straightforward for most mechanics.

For the second set of Voidgates, JP strat is used, a video of which can be viewed below. JP strat is the strategy described in this guide.

Role Specific Tips


  • Use party mitigation on Deepshadow Nova and Umbral Orbs.
  • Umbra Smash is an extremely hard hitting tank buster. The first four hits should be invulned if possible – any invuln lasts for all four. If not, make sure your healers can spot heal you between hits.
  • The current OT should swap after the fourth hit and look at the next mechanic. Shadow’s Edge means they have to pop cooldowns, while Darkness Unleashed means they have to stack with the group and use party mitigation.
  • The purple Umbral Orb deals decent magic damage, so use a cooldown. One tank will be taking autos while taking it, so they should use extra if necessary.


  • There is plenty of raid damage between Deepshadow Nova, Dualspell, and Pitch Bog amongst other instances of raid damage. Plan your AoE healing rotations out with your healing partner.
  • If a tank is not using invulns on Umbra Smash, you will have to ensure they have HP for every hit.
  • You can preposition for many mechanics in order to get casts off. These include Throne of Shadow and Pitch Bog.


  • Most mechanics will inflict damage down if you are hit by them – don’t get damage down.
  • Use Feint on Umbra Smash and Addle on instances of AoE damage.
  • Don’t greed mechanics where you have to go out to the edge such as Shadow Cleave or Shadow Warrior.

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