Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage) Phase One Raid Strategy Guide

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eden's promise


This guide aims to provide tips and strategies for defeating Eden’s Promise in Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage)

Eden’s Promise is the final raid encounter in the Eden series, available December 7, 2020 in Patch 5.4. Players must have completed the Quest “Where I Belong” and talk to Lewrey in Amh Araeng (X:26.8, Y:16.4). Players must be item level 510 or above to challenge this fight in a non-premade group.


As this is the door boss to the Oracle of Darkness, no loot is dropped.


Eden’s Promise is an 8:28 encounter and has a DPS check of roughly 126k, the hardest of the tier.

Pre-pull Preparation

Assign each player to a clock position, with tanks north and south, healers east and west, and DPS at intercardinals. These should be split into an east and west group.

Mechanic Overview


Eden’s Promise will draw from your memories of the primals, doing a mechanic based on the primal. Shiva and Titan will be main mechanics, while all other primals will have two mechanics happen simultaneously. Players must dodge both while resolving other mechanics.

Cast will cast both primal mechanics simultaneously.

Stock will charge two primal mechanics.

Release will cast the two charged mechanics from Stock.

Eden’s Promise will junction Shiva, casting Frigid Ice on all players. This inflicts a vulnerability debuff, so all players must spread out to avoid clipping each other.

Alternatively, the boss will enter the Junction Shiva phase, explained below.

Eden’s Promise will junction Titan, casting Under the Weight on both healers. The damage from this must be shared by other players.

Alternatively, the boss will enter the Junction Titan phase, explained below.

If Eden’s Promise tethers to Leviathan, it will cast Temporary Current. There will be AoEs to the sides of the boss. Be inside the line AoEs.

If Eden’s Promise tethers to Ramuh, it will cast Judgment Jolt. There will be a circle AoE around it. Be at max melee range or further.

If Eden’s Promise tethers to Ifrit, it will cast Conflag Strike. There will be a large circle AoEs, with the only safe spot being a thin conal line at the sides of the boss.

If Eden’s Promise tethers to Garuda, it will cast Ferostorm. It will shoot conal AoEs towards the cardinals. Dodge intercardinally.

Junction Shiva Phase

An extremely heavy raidwide magical AoE. This turns the arena to ice, inflicting the Thin Ice debuff to all players. Movement commands will slide the player moderately towards that direction.

A stack marker on both healers, which must be shared by other players.

All players are targeted with an AoE marker, which drops an Ice Pillar at their location. This inflicts a physical vulnerability debuff and deals light physical damage, so players cannot be hit by more than one.

A knockback from the centre of the arena. Deals light damage.

Each player will be tethered to an Ice Pillar. This will shoot a thin line AoE at them, dealing physical damage and inflicting a physical vulnerability debuff. Players must be far away from the pillar to avoid taking lethal damage.

Junction Titan Phase

An extremely heavy magical raidwide AoE.

Eight bomb boulders drop at the cardinal and intercardinal edges of the arena, as well as the middle – dealing light damage. Players will receive a blue marker, orange marker, or yellow marker above their head. Standing near a bomb boulder with a marker will blow it up, dealing heavy magic damage.

  • The blue marker must stand by themselves and will blow up one additional bomb boulder clockwise and counterclockwise from their location.
  • The orange marker must stack with at least one other player.
  • The yellow marker must stand by themselves.

Wave one will have:

  • 2 DPS and 2 Tanks/Healers orange
  • 1 DPS, 1 Tank, and 1 Healer yellow
  • 1 DPS blue

Wave two will have:

  • 6 players orange
  • 2 players blue

Wave three will have:

  • 1 DPS and 1 Tank/Healer yellow
  • 1 DPS and 1 Tank/Healer blue
  • 4 players orange

Guardian of Eden Phase

Halfway through the fight, the Guardian of Eden will be spawned, doing additional mechanics from outside the arena.

A line AoE that must be shared by the party. Deals heavy magical damage.

The Guardian of Eden (or the sculptures themselves, rather) will target both healers with stack markers. This does moderate physical damage and spawns a Chiseled Sculpture. This sculpture will tether to random players, marking them with 1, 2, 3, or 4. These indicate the order of which the sculptures will cast Blade of Flame, a line AoE, towards the player.

A knockback from the southwest or southeast corner of the room. Knockback prevention skills do not work on this, as it is casted from outside the arena. It deals moderate physical damage.

Four Beastly Sculptures will spawn near the intercardinal edges, and two Regal Sculptures will spawn north and south.

  • The Beastly Sculptures will tether to players of one role, and shoot thin conal AoEs towards them that inflicts a short Fire Resistance down debuff. This prevents them from being hit by more than one fire breath at a time. This deals moderate magical damage.
  • The Regal Sculptures will fire breath the closest player. This will leave behind an earth puddle, deal moderate magical damage, and inflict a long Fire Resistance down debuff, which prevents them from taking two fire breaths in a row.

A knockback from the centre of the arena. Knockback prevention skills do work. It deals moderate magical damage.

General Fight Mechanics

A heavy raidwide magical AoE. The name for this attack was corrected to Maleficium in patch 5.45

Eden’s Promise will cleave one half the arena, and a bit extra on the other half at the front.

A two hit tank buster on #1 and #2 on aggro. One does piercing damage and inflicts a piercing resistance down debuff, while the other does slashing damage and inflicts a slashing resistance down debuff. A tank swap is necessary during the cast bar.

Phase Mechanics

Phase 1 - Junctions

Junction Shiva OR Junction Titan
Rapturous Reach
Formless Judgment
Junction Shiva
Diamond Dust
Ice Floe
Ice Pillar
Plunging Ice
Pillar Pierce
Junction Titan
Earthen Fury
Bomb Boulders
Bomb Boulders
Bomb Boulders

Phase 2 - Guardian of Eden

Cast + Obliteration
Classical Sculpture
Rapturous Reach
Blade of Flame
Palm of Temperance
Formless Judgment
Rapturous Reach
Lionsblaze + Kingsblaze
Laser Eye
Lionsblaze + Kingsblaze
Lionsblaze + Kingsblaze
Rapturous Reach

Phase 3

Junction Titan OR Junction Shiva
Junction Shiva OR Junction Titan
Formless Judgment
Paradise Lost (enrage)

Enrage will happen a few seconds after Maleficium @ ~8:28, wiping the party after a short while.

Fight Strategy

Phase 1 - Pre-Junction

  • Pre-mitigate and heal up the first Maleficium.
  • Prepare for the first Junction mechanic. It will either be spread or stack.
  • If it is Junction Shiva, it will be spread, and if it is Junction Titan, it will be stack with your east/west groups.
  • The boss will cast Rapturous Reach before the Junction damage goes off. Go to the safe side.
  • If it is Junction Titan, have the east group go south and the west group go north on the safe side to simplify this mechanic.
  • Heal up and look for the Cast mechanic. Right after the Cast is finished, the Junction mechanic will repeat.
    • Garuda and Ifrit can never be together. Therefore, the options are either out or in, intercardinal or sides. The only exception is Leviathan + Ramuh, which will be north/south outside.
  • Tanks should make sure to be #1 and #2 on threat. Mitigate Formless Judgment, and swap during the castbar. It is highly recommended to have one tank invuln the hits and the healers focus on the other tank.
  • Heal up for Maleficium and get ready for the Junction Shiva phase.

Phase 1 - Junction Shiva

  • This phase will start with Diamond Dust, an extremely heavy raidwide AoE. Mitigate with shields and at least 30% mitigation.
  • The arena will soon turn to ice and players will receive the Thin Ice debuff, causing them to slide around. You do not slide that much, and are free to slide for movement around the arena.
  • Healers will both receive the Ice Floe stack marker, and there will be safe spots at opposite cardinal or intercardinal edges.
  • The east and west groups should slide into the safe spot. West takes north, and east takes south.
  • There will be an AoE on the safe spot after all other AoEs blow up.
  • Right after, players will be marked for Ice Pillar. Slide outside of the safe spot, orienting yourselves so that melee are on the inside and ranged are on the outside, in lines.
  • After the Ice Pillars drop, go back to the middle of the arena, mitigate, and heal.
  • Stand in the new safe spot before going to the middle to get knocked back.
  • Each player will be tethered to an Ice Pillar. Be knocked back (or run away with knockback prevention) from the Ice Pillar so that you are far away enough – the tether will shrink and become purple if you are.
  • Do not overlap line AoEs.
  • Heal up, mitigate/heal Maleficium, and prepare for the Junction Titan phase.

Phase 1 - Junction Titan

  • This phase will start with Earthen Fury, an extremely heavy raidwide AoE. Mitigate with shields and at least 30% mitigation.
  • The arena will soon turn to earth. Bomb boulders will drop, and players will have to soak them with their Titan colour debuffs. Players should return to the middle after soaking to heal and mitigate for the next one.
  • Wave 1 will be 2 tanks/healers orange, 2 DPS orange, 1 DPS + 1 tank + 1 healer yellow, and 1 DPS blue.
    • The DPS oranges should go north.
    • The tank/healer oranges should go south.
    • The tank yellow should go southwest.
    • The healer yellow should go west.
    • The DPS yellow should go northwest.
    • The DPS blue should go east.
  • Wave 2 will be 6 random orange, and two random blue.
    • The tank/healer oranges should go south.
    • The DPS oranges should go north.
    • The blues should go east and west. Spread loosely around the middle to see who has blue, then adjust accordingly.
  • Wave 3 will be 1 DPS + 1 tank/healer yellow, 1 DPS blue, 1 tank/healer blue, and the rest will be orange.
    • The oranges should go north.
    • The tank/healer yellow should go west.
    • The DPS yellow should go northwest.
    • The tank/healer blue should go south.
    • The DPS blue should go east.
  • This orientation allows for the most continuity between each wave of bomb boulders. DPS oranges are always north, DPS yellows are always northwest, and DPS blues are always east. Tank/healer oranges are south except for the last wave, yellows are south/southwest, and blues are south.
  • Heal up and get ready for the Guardian of Eden phase.

Phase 2 - Guardian of Eden

  • Heal up Maleficium. The MT will take consistent auto damage for a while.
  • The Obliteration laser will come from the Guardian of Eden. Therefore, players will have to dodge the Cast mechanics together. Default to south or west for dodging this.
  • Pull the boss south, and face it north. This is to prepare for the Palm of Temperance later. Heal/mitigate Maleficium.
  • Remember what mechanics were Stocked, as it will be done after Palm of Temperance.
  • Stack with your east/west groups north and south – west goes north and east goes south. Heal up the stack damage.
  • The Chiseled Sculptures will tether to four players each, marking them from 1 to 4. This indicates the order that Blade of Flame will go out.
  • The MT needs to keep the boss pointed north, and the entire party must dodge the Rapturous Reach.
  • The first Blade of Flame will be pointed towards the direction the party dodged. Afterwards, point them north and south.
  • After the third hit, one of the hands on the outside will start glowing – this will be where Palm of Temperance comes from. The boss will jump to the middle and start casting release. Head towards southeast or southwest.
  • Head to a safe spot for Release.
  • Heal up for Maleficium.
  • Mitigate and heal Formless Judgment. Again, it is recommended to have one tank invuln and the other use heavy mitigation. Hallowed Ground should be used for this one if PLD is present – it is not up for the third buster if used for the first one, unlike other invulns.
  • Get ready for Lions phase. This is considered the hardest mechanic of the fight.
  • Players of one role will be tethered to Lions at intercardinals. Players of the other role must bait the north and south larger lions without tethers.
  • There are many strategies for this, but I will be explaining one “safe strat” now and one “uptime strat” later in the document.
  • First, remember what mechanics Eden’s Promise has Stocked.
  • There are three waves of Lion breaths. Take note of what tether you have if you do have tethers, and dodge Rapturous Reach.
  • Wave 1:
    • For the first wave, the players with the far tethers will stand near the boss around the intercardinal. The players with the close tethers will aim their AoE north and south.
    • The ranged players (so healers OR ranged DPS) without tethers will be baiting the larger sculptures north and south. Run across after Rapturous Reach has gone off and bait on the opposite side.
  • Wave 2:
    • Return to the middle for heals. This time, the players with tethers will simply get knocked back to their lion and point it out.
    • The melee players (so melee OR tanks) without tethers will be baiting the larger sculptures north and south. Get knocked back directly north or south and adjust.
    • The knockback is almost half the radius of the arena, so make sure you are in the centre.
  • Wave 3:
    • Dodge the Cast mechanic that occurs right after the fire breath. Take this time to heal up.
    • Immediately after Cast resolves, the players with tethers move to their lion and point it outside.
    • The ranged will be baiting the north and south lions again.
    • Dodge Rapturous Reach right after.
  • With the hardest mechanic of the fight out of the way, focus on dealing damage to beat enrage.

Uptime Lions – a primer

Uptime Lions is a mystical strategy rumoured to have existed since the beginning of time. A few special players have found how to wield this power and have shared with the rest of us.

  • There are two main strategies used to gain uptime on Lions – Line Strat and Bilibili Strat (box strat)
    • Either strat has the same uptime, so simply use the one your group is more comfortable with.
    • Personally, I have done both strats and either works perfectly fine and are extremely similar.

Phase 3

  • All mechanics in the final phase are ones that you have already seen.
  • Note which mechanics Eden’s Promise Stocks. Release will be after the next set of mechanics.
  • The first Junction will be the opposite of the first Junction in the fight.
  • Go to the safe spot for Cast, and then immediately after do the Junction mechanic – spread if Shiva, stack with your group if Titan.
  • Heal up immediately for the incoming Maleficium.
  • The final Junction will be the opposite of the previous one.
  • Eden’s Promise will then Release the Stocked primal mechanics. Head to the safe spot, and do the Junction mechanic right after – stack with your group if Titan, spread if Shiva.
  • Heal up both tanks and get ready for the final Formless Judgment – again, use the first invuln, and the other tank should mitigate.
  • Heal up the first Maleficium, and ignore the second as long as you will survive – you need every bit of DPS possible to beat enrage, which is a few seconds after the second.

PUG Strategy

All resources can be found on the Salted XIV Encounter page for this fight here.

Junction Shiva has TH slide in one direction and DPS slide the other direction – either CW or CCW. The ranged player would be on the outside and the melee player would be on the inside.

Junction Titan has players either use Shadow or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both of which are on the encounter page. It is feasible to simply pull it up and react accordingly.

The rest of the mechanics are done similarly to this guide.

Role Specific Tips


  • Reprisal usage and party mitigation needs to be carefully planned out. One tank is able to do it on every Maleficium, while the other should get other sources of damage such as Diamond Dust, Earthen Fury, or Formless Judgment.
  • Party mitigation should be planned out too. 90s shields can cover the first Junction, Earthen Fury, Maleficium, Lions phase, and a final Maleficium or Junction.
  • If a PLD is present, they should Hallowed Ground the second Formless Judgment, and the other tank should invuln the first and third. If no PLD is present, feel free to use invulns any way you see fit.
  • The MT during the Classical Sculpture phase MUST keep the boss facing north (or south) in order to point Rapturous Reach. This may make it difficult to see their tether and their number, so pay extra attention.


  • There is plenty of AoE damage going throughout the fight. Coordinate healing.
  • Have your tanks invuln as many tank busters as possible so that you are only healing one tank during Formless Judgment.
  • 2m cooldowns such as Temperance will be up for the Junction Shiva phase if used on pull.
  • The Junction Titan phase has the heaviest healing of the encounter – players must be mitigated and healed to full before and after Earthen Fury, and then healed in between every Bomb Boulder wave.
  • You should top the party in between each wave of Lion breaths.


  • As this enrage is extremely tight in progression, coordinate DPS cooldowns.
  • 2m can be used during Junction Shiva. 3m should be used during Junction Titan, as that phase has full uptime. 4m should be during Cast + Obliteration.
  • As 6m happens during Lions, players should consult timelines based on their job’s rotation to see if they should use their 2m on cooldown (the enrage is ~8:27) or save it for a burst after Lions phase.
  • Use Feint on Formless Judgment, and Addle on instances of heavy raidwide damage such as Diamond Dust, Earthen Fury, or Maleficium.

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