The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate)

Alexander Enrage Timer: ~14:04 The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate), commonly known as TEA, was released with patch 5.11 on November 11, 2019. Players face a series of bosses from the entirety of the Alexander raid series that accompanied the Heavensward expansion. SUBMIT RESOURCE Full Fight Guides Text Guides Video Guides Fight Resources Timelines and Planning […]

The Epic of Alexander Raid Strategy Guide

Introduction Hello everyone this is Lyra here. This started as a Living Liquid only document and expanded further as I progressed further into the fight. I now have cleared (sry for bad quality) and have more time on my hands, so I will delve into the fight in more depth. This guide will go in-depth […]


Community created video guides and text guides for the Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCoB), Ultima Weapon’s Refrain (UwU), and the Epic of Alexander ultimate fights.

The Epic of Alexander – Guide / Walkthrough

It seems like youtube cut the video short by like 2 minutes, but all that’s missing is more examples of exatrine movement, so it’s not really warranting a reupload D: Timestamps: LL: 1:57 Limit Cut: 16:16 BJ/CC: 20:56 Alex Prime: 37:08 Inception: 43:31 Wormhole: 50:49 Perfect Alex: 1:02:46 FP Alpha: 1:07:07 FP Beta: 1:13:25 Exatrines: […]