BONUS Guide | E4S Sepulture Savage

A breezy follow-up guide for E4S. For the full guide, please watch the original version here: –Gameplay from FFXIV version 5.08 ~ 5.1. What’s inside: ? A Speedy rundown of common alternate strats. ⚔️ Strats that are widely used in PF right now–as of 11/14/2019 at Primal Datacenter ✅ Quick & Easy references and […]

Pickup Guide | E4S Sepulture Savage

A fast-paced guide for E4S. –Gameplay from FFXIV version 5.05 ~ 5.08. What’s inside: ? A Speedy rundown of the fight ✅ Quick & Easy references and solutions for the key mechanics ⚔️ Strats that are common in PF right now–as of 10/8/2019 at Primal Datacenter ⭐️ The knowledge you need for that first clear […]


::Final Fantasy XIV – Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (SAVAGE) Raid Guide! A quick overview of the new SAVAGE raid, TITAN, guaranteed to get you through it! A huge thank you to Elia Sand of Entropy FC for the extra POVs! Follow Entropy FC: Watch live on twitch: ! Questions? Comments? Drop me a line […]

FFXIV: Eden’s Gate Sepulture SAVAGE Guide (E4S)

Start: @0:24 Tonka Truck: @3:00 Massive Landslide: @4:48 Crumbling Down: @6:02 Titan Maximum: @8:47 Dual Earthen Fists: @9:21 Tectonic Uplift #1: @10:50 Plate Fracture #1: @12:19 Double Earthen Fists + Evil Earth: @14:17 Tectonic Uplift #2: @14:55 Plate Fracture #2: @17:05 Final Phase: @18:07 Google Doc: We are now sponsored by Steelseries! Check out […]

FFXIV ¬ Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage) Guide – (E4S)

Visual guide for E4S! Written guide can be found here. More pictures also available: Any feedback is highly welcome! Thank you for watching the video! If you enjoyed it you can come by and hang out on my stream: You can also follow me on twitter to never miss anything I do: Tweets […]